Brown Spotting Before Period

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lalalala10 - August 25

i had my period from august 5th-10th and it was normal. Before that I had a somewhat pregnancy scare and thought I could possibly be pregnant but these thoughts subsided when my period came. since then I have done nothing s_xually but now i am spotting it has been just for three days now and nothing significant just like 2 spots a day. the spotting is brown is there any chance that i am indeed pregnant? i have not been s_xually active (in fact I am still a virgin) since i got my period or since the time when I thought I might be pregnant. I have heard of possible implantation bleeding but I hear this only lasts no more then a day and do you have to have had s_x or been s_xually active after your last period to be pregnant? i know you can get pregnant during your period, but once again i have not done anything s_xually for about a month and i got my period after that on august 5th please help!


Naomi98 - August 26

Is there any chance that s____n could have gotten inside you when you were doing whatever you were doing last month? If so there's a small chance that you could be pregnant. But if you had a full period, it doesn't seem likely so I wouldn't worry. Why don't you take a home pregnancy test to put your mind at ease.


lalalala10 - August 26

well there was like a .00000001% chance. we did oral on him w/ a condom but he didn't c_m he then touched the condom and the stuff inside it to take it off and about 10 min later he fingered me, so i was freaking out. I also tool Plan B just to be safe so that limits the chance even furthur. i have a test but I am too scared to take it >.<


Jennie73 - September 3

Ok, I'm a little said you had a pregnancy scare, but then in the next breath, you say, "in fact I am still a virgin" and in another breath that you haven't "done anything s_xually for about a month!" You must be too young to be having s_x if you don't even have the basics down! If you are indeed a virgin, then there is no chance you are pregnant!!! Have you taken a HPT? Or go to planned parenthood...they can help you make wise s_xual decisions!



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