Brown Spotting Mid Cycle

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kelbabe - October 13

i normally get it at the start of my af. im ovulating over the next few days, (i think) so is this why im spotting? i also have bad backache and am in one of those moods were you want something but dont knw what it is, and dont know if i want to go out or go to bed! (if you get what i mean!!) im always like this before af, is it the same for ov?


kelbabe - October 14

ok well, im gonna answer my own question! looked it up on the net, aparently its a good fertility sign to spot around ovulation time. im also ovulating on my left side which i havent done whilst been ttc, so fingers crossed.


GimmeaBub - October 14

Hey Kelbabe I missed you i been away for the weekend, any spotting around ovulation is a Great sign apparantly. freaked out yesterday, I was spotting, Oh dear lord i thought i was gunna die, i felt myself burning up with anger and gried, it was really really light brown, and i only got it when i wiped right inside sorry tmi, so now i been paranoid I have had no other bleeding like red blood, or cloting, I havnt even had alot of cramping so i am feeling a liyttle bit better, I kinda figured it may be due to my cervix being so sensetive since me and Df had a little romp in the back seat of our car on the way down south lol (i know feral, but we were driving up a big hill, and the view was great and the mood was unexplainable) anyway I am feeling better now, i got pretty bad ms right now, and i am feeling dizzy again, my BFP'S are really dark now so i suppose thats a good sign too. Anyway Hun I will talk to you soon k. Baby Juice


kelbabe - October 14

hey gimme you dirty so and so! lol! my and dh did it in the car once - at a horse racing ground. pitch black, then suddenly dogs start barking and the lights go on! luckly we got away in time! glad you had a good time. try not to worry, dont put yourself under any stress you dont need! gosh, i hope this is month! there seems to be loads of bfp's around! speak to you later. x x



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