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ann - October 8

i am 4 days late for AF. today i am getting brown wipes. does that mean i am getting AF or a small chance that it is IB ? ANYONE get IB couple days after expected AF due to late ovulation?


Confused - October 8

I had the same thing but it was weird because I never spot before a AFso I thought it was ib, then after 2 days it turned into a period. It is different with all it's safe to say that there's atleast a 50% chance it may be ib. All you can do is wait but since you are late, you may be able to get a positive blood or hpt test.


Oh me too - October 8

Im due today but have that brown stuff too. i had it first about 3 days ago with a few spots of red. No cramps, SORE bbs tho. So confused. I feel prego.


me too - October 8

Im due today. Brown spots like 3 days ago with a bit of red dots. Then nothing till yesterday night when i wiped and a little brown. Now today, brown stuff, not enough for a panty liner. Boobs are VERY sore tho. I think i am...but can you have IB so close to your period?


ann - October 9

i am irregular----sometimes i have cycles of 24 --27---29---35 days nut not usually 35 days----today is the 35 th day and it seems that af is here- but how can you twll the difference between af and ib---? what is the difference ?


Tia - October 10

Hi, well i was due my AF on saturady. I started spotting brown blood and wiped red/brown when i wiped last night. today (monday) and they are just brown blood mainly, the odd red here and there but light. my back as been aching all day and i am literally exhausted. i did a tst on Satuday but that came back negative. did any of u ladies, get a BFP. ANd do u think i am experiencing AF or IB?


Wendy - October 10

Same here, I was expecting af on the 6th, and on the 3rd I spotted cm with brown blood, only when wiped. Then nothing on 4th, but returned on the 5th, and 6th, same as on the 3rd. Still haven't tested, scared of a -, so confused. *To me too - yes, ib is expected around the time you would normally have your af, however its not the same with evryone. Good luck to you all, and BFP's for all of us!!!



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