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Caseyh415 - April 11

I have been having brown dishcharge for the past week. on and off. I have taken a pregnancy test and it came up neg, however, when I see this discharge I think I am getting my period, but I do not. I have an appt with my dr on the 26th..If anyone has any answers plzzzz help...Thanks alot ladies!!!


pinkie - April 11

answers?...whats your question?


Caseyh415 - April 11

hey, im sorry.. my question was..Is this a sign of pregnancy?? Also, because I have been sleepy, hungry, crabby and peeing alot. And been having alittle bit of cramps. I cant really rely on a HPT bc with my first daughter all HPT's were neg and I was over 6 weeks pregnant...WHAT DOES THIS SOUND LIKE?? AM I PREG?? THANKS AGAIN!


anamariaflorencia - April 12

i can't believe no one else has commented yet. I'm having a similar situation. You can check mine out on 41 days late and only brown and pink. It's near the top right now cause I bumped it. Anyway, are there any other ladies that have had this discharge and been pregnant? Are there others who have had this discharge that never turned into a period...just discharge the whole time and were NOT pregnant? Please answer for everyone's benefit.


Emma2 - April 12

Is your period late? How long is your cycle?


Caseyh415 - April 12

It is now 1 or 2 days late. I woke up this morning with the brown discharge again, so i went to the bathroom and took another test both BFN now. However, with my daughter, all the HPT were neg until my blood test. idk. The dishcharge is runny TMI but doesnt stay very long like a pd..


Emma2 - April 12

It could be impending period and doesn't mean your last pregnancy will be like this one.Spotting does happen to some pregnant women but I do not think this is IB because it's a little late for IB. I suggest you go get a blood test done.


Emma2 - April 12

oh and Good Luck!


Funny_Gal_2007 - April 15

my discharge was the same as well, but now it has very small clots in it and its turned red. what the heck!?!? I was a week or so you think Ill hit my period? because i have other pregnancy symptoms that i dont usually have before a period


Caseyh415 - April 17

I have no idea, the discharge happened and then no pd after..I have no i dea what is going on, i am about a week late for my pd.



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