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Mature - August 7

This is for bump why r u even on this site it seems to me that you have nothing to do, if you have no input on anything stay the HELL OUT OF HERE. Get a life, b/c you are a waist of tome being here and i,m sure everyone else feels the same way. I,ve seen you on many different post but you are not saying anything. GET OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To Mature - August 7

"Bump" is used to bump up a post so that others can see it and have time to read and respond to it.


D - August 7

bump is not a person. Just as the last poster said its to bump a post up so that others can see it and have to read and respond to it. Or for those who would really like an answer to a question that others are over looking.


bump - August 7

yes hi this is bump. hee hee. you have GOT to be kidding. Mature? Don't think so.


mc - August 7

no i thought bump was a bad thing too but it just means that some one liked the post or wondered the same thing themselves i found it annoying too untill i learned that it meant ppl were bumping it up for others to see


PRO BUMBER - August 8

Hey "BUMP" I love your BUMPS!!!!!


Oh My! - August 8

Is this a joke?!


Mrs. Bump - August 8

Yeah, Hi this is Bumps mom Mrs. Bump and I don't like the ton that you are taking with my child. Get a CLUE!


hahahaha - August 8

good one


LOL - August 8

When I first found this site I too thought it was a person being annoying. LOL. I was laughing reading the original post LOL LOL


me too - August 8

I had to read some of the rude threads who kept saying to bump up a question if you want to be noticed. You must be new in this forum, mature, I often felt there should be a list of the abreviations and bumping methods used around here. af, lol, ewcm and so forth. I helps to have the full words once in a while in long threads. I'm not from us so all that jargon is not familiar to me. Well i spent hours reading to catch up and so should you mature if ou feel like sticking around.


About Bump - August 8

How do you know bump is not a person? Bump always seems to putting in her 2 cents, regardless of what we're chatting about. She pops up everywhere, on pretty much every thread. Obviously she has nothing better to do, than throw her bump around. I say bump, if you have nothing significant to say, you can just bump off. Ha, ha just kidding girls. But I think it's a good idea to add 'bump' to the list of abbreviations on this site!


Cammie - August 8

This post is pretty hilarious!! I guess we've all been new before too and when I first saw bump on a different message board, I had no clue what it meant, but I KINDLY asked and it was KINDLY explained to me. Even all the pregnancy lingo when I first got on this message bored was like another language to me and again I was clueless, but I just asked. Mature: just chalk this up as as a misunderstanding and next time ask.. we will be happy to help you out.... "bump" is actually very useful.... if you ask a question or post a comment, and it is not answered and is on page 2 or so, it will prob. never get answered, but if you post "bump" it moves to the first comment and chances are, it may get reread and answered for you. Not trying to make fun of you at all, but it was just a little silly how upset you got at such a useful tactic.... live and learn I guess!


Em - August 8

Hey I wondered what bump is-makes sense!!!! Never really bothered me I thought it was kind of funny


Bump is not "1" person LOL - August 8

Yeah,lots of girls have said that they have BUMPED their questions if they go answered in hopes of someone being able to see them again.


Ca__sie - August 8

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but the question/comment "mature" had for "bump" totally cracked me up.... getting upset about someone who doesn't exist because bump is someone that merely wants a question at the top of the list so as to be addressed right away or once again. But hey, we all got a good laugh out of it, right?


Tonya - August 8

What is up with all the rude people on this site lately? It is annoying & makes me not want to log on much. Thanks to all the wonderful, helpful ladies. (Yes, I love you Bump!)



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