Burning Nipples

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Lisa - September 19

Anyone have burning nipples that comes and goes? Do you get this as PMS or a pregnancy symptom?


hi - September 19

a might be a week or 2 preg -- I hope and I keep having this happen? not sure if it is PMS or Preg?


Rachel - September 19

I am having this too and I feel like a little man is on the inside of my left b___st stabbing me with a needle. Yet, i think that I just got a/f. I have never had so many pg symptoms as a/f symptoms in my life. I just don't understand.


Lisa - September 19

I never really get PMS symptoms, but since the MC I have been getting some. But I never had this happen to my nipples before. Have you ever had it as PMS? I had nipple tenderness/hurting with my first child, no symptoms at all with my second child, and with my MC I had nausea and headaches since 2dpo. So I looked at this nipple thing as a really good sign. I never heard of anyone that had this as a PMS. thanks for answering girls.


wantbaby - September 19

I have the same thing it is nice to see that others who are TTC have the same symptoms and your not imagining them in hopes of BFP. Mine started on Sat which would be like 4-6 DPO I also have really bad cramps for about an hour that day then they went away. My tummy has been feeling different but again I could be just anxious for the BFP that we are all hoping for


A - September 19

Hi! I am 4dpo, and I started having headaches and my nipples are getting little bumps on them. I dont usually have those. My nipples are also getting a little sensitive starting today along with the bumps. I also had a few little pains near my hips or ovaries area. Anyone else have similar symptoms?


Lisa - September 19

I heard the bumps are a really good sign, I normally have them...darn, no points for me!


A - September 19

Have you ever heard how quickly the bumps usually show up? What about the headaches? I never have headaches and I am having a horrible one today. It will not go away. My b___bs feel hot too. It is all strange to me especially since I am only 4dpo.


A - September 19

The very center tip of my nipple is really white, too, compared to the rest.


ann - September 19

its a day before my af and my b___st is burning like hell, but am still hoping it's pg.


Me too! - September 20

My b___st are not as sore this time, but my nipples are killing me! It seemed to b more pointed,a nd bigger:p Hope it's a pg sign:)


Lisa - September 20

Well all good signs! I had excrusiating headaches many days with my last pregnancy. Boobs getting bigger or feeling fuller too!


A - September 20

Well, my headaches are still here. I also noticed that the little bumps dont go away when I am hot, so they must be there to stay. I looked them up on the internet last night and they are the M-gland. They either show up or get bigger when you are pregnant. I guess it is a good sign that they showed up. The site also said that they show up very early in the pregnancy. You can also have sore b___sts as well. Sounds like all good signs to me.


sore nipples too - September 20

Any new updates with anyone?? Im in the same boat!! Waiting for AF to show today but my burning nipples haven't gone away yet!!! This morning they wern't bad, but by the afternoon they are killing again. And i don't drink coffee either. My bumps are very noticable but they could have always been there but just didn't pay attention.



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