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Ana - October 9

Is anyone else here burping non-stop? I read some old posts from "the first trimester" where women complain of burping and gas. I am 6 days late....well actually I had a 2 day period right on time....but it might have been ib? 7 tests later...still negative...but this constant burping is just too real to overlook. Please someone else confirm this!!!


erin - October 9

I am having the same thing Ana. AF is due today but so far there is no signs of it (although I had a small bit of light coloured blood when I wiped yesterday)and I have been burping like crazy for about a week and I usually very rarely burp. I have also been bloatd and dizzy. I haven't tested yet - maybe tomorrow. I can't think of any other reason why I would be burping like this other than pregnancy, but i guess we shall soon see...


SP - October 9

YES!!! I am three weeks preg (I think) and have been burping like crazy.


Athena - October 9

Burping was the first thing I noticed a few weeks ago that made me think I might be pregnant. It was constant! I keep getting BFN's too, and I'm over a week late so I'm getting a blood test tomorrow. Good luck!


Christa - October 10

Wow this is way too wierd! I was just driving home and realized the past 2 days I have ben burping like crazy! And something came to me and I remembered a friend telling me its a symptom and I was gonna go on here and ask about it and than I saw your ?.. so yes I'm having the same thing! I might be preg because I have had a ton of other symptoms too but I NEVER burp I don't even drink soda or anything! SO yea I'm having the same thing wierd! So it is a symptom???


Ana - October 10

Oh man, I'm glad to hear other people going through the same thing. Last night was rough. It took me forever until I finally stopped burping and was able to go to sleep. It really started to hurt after a while...being all bloated that is. My poor dh had to deal with it all last night. This morning I'm still feeling ga__sy and bloated. I wonder when I'll be able to test positive. I tested twice yesterday and got neg. Keep me updated girls.


jen xx - October 10

me me me me me ... oh my god.. i thought i was the only one that was burping non stop..lol,, if i drink fluid i burp.. if i eat i burp.. sit on the toilet i have gas.. this is crazy... well according to FF i was 10dpo when AF arrived.. but she only stayed for 2.5 days.. lite the first day. med flow second day the spottin for 2 days.. weird as im usually 5 day heavy 2 day lite.. have been having cramps not bad just real annoying.. n so so so tired.. sleep for 8-9 hrs a nite but have got to the stage where i have to take a nap for atleast 2 hrs during the day... have had the cramps since O day.. back ache kicked in about 4 days ago... peein more n got bad heartburn.. feel sick only at nite.. havent tested as im trying not to think about the signs and i think the bleeding was a crazy AF.... but if i still feel like this in the nxt few days i will take a test.. but im scared of getting a BFN.. as we have been ttc for about 5 months now...


Ana - October 10

Ugh. I'm a teacher...and my kids are at special right now. The bloating is becoming so painful because I can't let it out like I do at home. :( I just got my blood work results...negative!!!! Under 2 mlh of HCG detected!!! What else would be causing such terrible bloating and gas? It does not smell like food...it hasn't stopped with alkazelter...I have NEVER in my life experienced this much gas. Does anyone know of blood tests that have been wrong? I need some inspiration! Thanks.


Christa - October 10

I'm still burping like crazy! It's not just only after eating or drinking (i dont even drink soda) its just all the time!!! what does this mean????


Ana - October 10

Ugh, I'm so mad. I went to the dr today because this gas is becoming really uncomfortable. I feel like I'm about to explode...and she said, it's acid reflux, here is some prevacid!! Well, I got my blood work back and it was neg. <2 hcg level. My dh doesn't quite know whether or not to believe it. And really, neither to I. There is another post on this site about a women who has had 8 positive hpt's and 2 neg blood tests. REALLY FRUSTRATING.


Ana - October 11

Any one of you ladies gotten a positive yet? Please keep me updated.


Mike - October 11

My dw is a little gasbag. No way could I challenge her to a burping contest! I don't know where they come from but she can burp 5 times in a minute and these are the deep down burps. The kind that make you sound like Barry White. Know what I mean baby!


Athena - October 11

Just got my blood results -- negative. :-( I dunno what's with the burping. *Baby dust* to everyone!!



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