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best - March 10

I don't know if I am prego, my biggest symptom is burps, lots and lot's of them, bit of gas, bit of nausea,br___t pain (but always have it before my period), not due for my period for 2 more days, done a preg test today and negative..is burps a sign of preg ??


best - March 10

it is probably belching not burps...it feels really bad, and i don't know the reason...


Audrey - March 10

best- Someone I knew had major gas problems and burping throughout her pregnancy, and she was mortified. Wait a few more days and test again. Best wishes!


Erin - March 10

What's the difference between belching and burps?


Grandpa Viv - March 10

Gas (both ends) is an early sign. It is because pregnancyhormones relax the gut muscle and the diaphragm. The result is hearburn, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and shortness of breath. Good luck with a test Sat March 19th first pee..


best - March 11

burps is like only gas, but belching you get the taste of the food in your mouth, as if you are returning the food in your mouth...


best - March 11

Thank you Grandpa Viv and thank you Audrey for your response, I will do that, I will retest a week after my period is due which is like Grandpa Viv said on the 19th.. I actually woke up this morning with nausea and really I don't feel like eating anything..God help me with the waiting, and best of luck to you all


Pam - March 11

Do you feel like your going to be nauseas and then you burp/blech and it releives the nausesa? I get that sometimes. Don't know if I am PG either but I am intrested to know if that is the way you feel. Thanks,


L - March 11

I don't know if this is an early sign but I keep having those throw up in your mouth kind of burps-UGH! Anyone else?


bump - March 11



carol - March 11

Pam - Those are the burps I get. I start to feel a little sick to my stomach and then I have to burp and it goes away.... I also read your other thread and I have had the same pain around the bottom of my torso, almost is then line between my thigh and my stomach. I also noticed last night and especially this morning that my b___bs look big... they don't hurt, but look swollen. I am supposed to get AF tomorrow or Sunday and didn't really have any signs, so I figured I wasn't pg, but now I am not so sure....


Pam - March 11

Carol, Don't give up hope. I haven't yet. Hopefully sometime in the next few weeks we'll be posting about our BFP's.


best - March 12

what is BFP?


kathy - March 12

I am new to this board also wanted to know what BFP was as well what bump ment?


sarie_gracie - March 12

bfp -- big fat positive and bump is when someone moves the question or thread back up to the top to be newer.


Kathy - March 12

Things make alot more sense now..Thanks



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