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ME - November 22

Did anyone have butterflies in their stomache around the week their expected period was due and then found out later they were pregnant???


Sparkles - November 22

ME, I have them right now honey! I am still unsure if I am pregnant, but I just need to go get a test and find out.


ME - November 23

Sparkles - crazy huh? I just took a blood test but due to the holiday I probably will not get any results until next week, I just thought that was a wierd possible sign because I wasnt even thinking about it when it started happening so it wasnt just me I dont think.


shannon - November 23

I too have "b___terflies" but like Sparkles I'm not sure yet if I am pregnant. I took an early pregnacy test this morning but of course it came up negative. I'm still holding on to the hope that it was just too early to tell... we will see...


sutra - November 24

Hi ! Me too have the same fuuny feeling in stomeche but don't know if am preg.


Ca__sie - November 25

Hey Yea i have had the b___terflies all day today, and heartburn a little bit. Im not due for my period till next week. And im hoping im not pregge. :-(


julie - November 26

i had an iui 12 days ago and hoping to be pregnant due to do a test on tuesday, i to have b___terflys in my stomach, would love to here from someone who is pregnant that had the same feeling. My hopes are really high...


princess H - January 16

i have posted something similar on this site. I have felt , b___terflies , like something popping inside my belly, it's always on the left side of my lower abdo. and sometimes on the right side , but mostly on the left side. Did anyone feel them for a while not knowing they were preg., and then found out they were ?


hay - January 16

i just found out im pregnant but before i knew i did have a wierd b___terfly feeling a few times but thought it was just wind or something lol, it certainly wasnt wind



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