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mrose - May 12

Hello ladies...was just wondering how you were all doing. I never saw a new thread. I know some of you should be done with your 2 ww...or nearing the end. I think....It's hard for me to say. AF finially showed her face today, after 3 months of nothing! What a long ride that has been....anyway. I wanted to see if any of you had any good news or promising signs???


Elda79 - May 13

hi mrose - I found you :) I meant to start a new thread but I didn't know if you guys were still around. It's great to hear that you're doing great. when do you think you'll O? Yea - I started my tww this past week - my 10th cycle of ttc - huh, tiring. Who knows may be May will turn out to be our month. Are you ttc'ing this month? Today is my 7dpo - sore bbs again but nothing else - yesterday me and DH went to a party and I felt soo tired (and I'm never tired of partying) my dh was suprised. So I'm testing next Saturday on my 14dpo and I'm so happy to have you waiting with me. Good luck and loads of sticky baby dust. BFH (big fat hug)


Elda79 - May 13

oh how's your sister doing mrose?


Becca - May 13

Hi mrose, glad you are back. I can imagine how frustrating that must have been to go so long without AF, but get neg hpt. I'm glad you are back. AF showed for me exactly 2 weeks ago today, the day after I got my blood test. I have no idea why it was so late. My only guess was to blame it on the clomid. I'm not on clomid this month because dh and I are moving in a few days and that would have been the exact day that I should have been Oing while on clomid. I didn't want to bother with opks and temping since the move can be stressful enough in and of itself. The good news is that I am pretty sure I am Oing early this month based on all my natural signs (cm, cp, twinges, etc.) and we've got our bases covered with bding, so now we just have to sit back and wait. Elda, good luck this month!


Happiness4e - May 13

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thanks God i found you. thank you mrose for starting this thread. i got back from my holidays last week, and i was not monitoring my cycle, i did not have time for that. so i have no clue when or if i O'ed. so i am not sure what to expect this month. although i do not really expect much. good luck for every one. today is my CD 22. TTL :)


mrose - May 13

I'm glad you all found me :-) Becca and happiness, maybe with you not really trying this month, then maybe it will happen :-) Never know....thanks Elda for asking about my sister, she seems to be doing well, I leave Wed to go visit her. So,no we are not ttc this month. When I get back, I am going to go see my doctor to go ahead and get my next cycle started as soon as 28 days go by for this one. Then she is going to start me on clomid :-) I got a prediction from Cheri, and she said either I would find out, conceive or give birth in I'm hoping for the finding out in July :-) Sounds good so far Elda, anything out of the ordinary is good. I'll have to get online at my sisters next weekend to check to see if you got your BFP! Baby dust to everyone!


Happiness4e - May 13

Hi girls, best of luck for Elda. one question though, i am hearing about Cheri, who is chiri? what does she do? TTYL


Elda79 - May 14

hey girls - happy sunday! Happiness4e - cheri is someone who predicts the time you are going to be pregnant; her email address is [email protected] if you want to email her. I didn't try my self cuz I don't believe these things but there are people here saying that she's right. she doesn't charge you anything for her services so you might as well try it :) where is Cady is she still around? Has anyone heard from her? Beca good luck with your tww and thanks for your good wishes :) mrose i'm glad your sister is well - and i wish you a great trip


Happiness4e - May 14

Hi, Thanks Elda for the info, i do not beleive in such thing too. but caught my attention how many women asking about her :). well she must have somthing special that made her famous . Cady, where are you??


im_danielle_hi - May 14

hi i am on cd 23 and 8 days past ovualtion and today just noticed some bleeding on my underwear and was just wondering what this means not due my af till 22nd may anoyne who can help is much appreciated thank you


Elda79 - May 14

Hi Danielle - it looks like you are having implantation bleeding. Good luck


mrose - May 15

I've seen Cady over in the fertility friend thread, thought maybe she'd stop in here. Anywho...anything new ladies? How are you all feeling? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you :-) Danielle, sounds to me like implantation bleeding as well...but you never know. wait about a week, and then test, good luck :-)


Cady - May 15

Hi everyone! I'm glad I found you. I haven't been posting on here much lately. I also have sorta stopped charting, although I did temp to confirm o-day. I think it's just getting too watching a pot boil. I'm trying a more laid back approach. Going sneak up on a bfp! I'm 11 dpo. Waiting not to spot, which usually starts today through to af on 14 dpo. <<sigh>> I hope this is my month. I'm getting so fed up with trying and obsessing every month. I wish you all well and I'll stop back in soon to catch up with you! Lots of sticking baby dust to you all! ****


Elda79 - May 15

hi cady - I'm so glad you found us - I was wondering how you were doing. Tell me about trying and obsessing every month over a little sign :( I too am trying not to think about it at all this month - not temping, charting or looking for signs. I'm 9dpo today. Happiness how are you? Mrose and you? Becca how's your day going?


Elda79 - May 16

Good morning everyone - how are you all doing today. Not much going on I guess :) I am doing good, just started my day at work. Cady you're 12 dpo today - how is it going, I am praying for no af for you this month or the next 9 months. Happiness any promising signs - did you email cheri for a prediction?


Cady - May 16

Hi Elda! Thanks so much for the positive thoughts. I am doing well. I'm surprised that I am not spotting. That always happens at 11dpo through to af. I won't get my hopes up though. I just won't do it. I'm too fed up with getting them dashed over and over. So I will simply report the facts: no spotting yet, slight cramps...Thanks for asking about me. How are you? At work, huh? Me too! I better go now. Be back later!


Happiness4e - May 16

Hi Elda, thanks for asking about me, i am on CD 25 today, nothing to report, as i said before, i dont know if i Ovulated or not. i did not e-mail Cheri, i do not really belive in such things, i think it will add another presure on me, i have enough as it is. i am not in a good mood today. i am trying to keep that under control. to be honest, i have this feeling for sometime now, i dont think i can have kids. my doc thinks that nothing wrong with me, but i just feel it, i dont think i can or i will. good luck for all of you.



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