Caffine When Pregnant

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stacey - February 8

how damaging is caffine to an unborn baby? the only thing i drink is cups of tea (about 9 a day) and i've just read something which says the chance of miscarriage is increased. is tea really that bad for the baby or do people only say this as a precaution?


Paige - February 8

I'd like to know this as well! I drink a cup of coffee and iced tea almost daily. I'm cutting back now that I might be expecting. Is it really that harmful to the baby?


johanna - February 8

it really isn't good for the baby. doctors say the less the better. herbal teas are supposed to be fine. if you think you are pregnany, cut back. i have green tea instead of black tea now, or drink decaf coffee so i get the flavor. if i end up being pregnant, then no more green tea either!


Susan - February 8

I think 9 cups of tea is way too many. You might want to cut back to one if you can. Good Luck!


MULGAJILL - February 8

caffiene (including cola, choccy bars, coffee & tea) increases chances of miscarriage.... caffeine free tea (that tastes like the real thing) and coffee are available.


Mrs O - February 8

I'm on my third child and I wake up with a gla__s of sweet tea in my hands. I have to have tea at meal times. In between meals i'm trying to drink more water just so my feet and hands won't swell and I know it is good for you. Both my kids are extremely healthy. I think if i had to stop drinking it I would have withdrawals and get an awful headache. Maybe cut down alittle from 9 gla__ses a day but I'm still going to have my tea.


stacey - February 8

i'll definitely try to cut back from 9 cups, i wasn't aware they made caffine free tea, thanks mulgajill, i'll have to look out for that. it's hard because i've obviously had to quit smoking and then straight after that i found out coffee, tea and chocolate were off the menu! thank you mrs o for your reply, i feel much better now! also thanks to susan for wishing me luck. baby dust to you all x



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