Calling Those Who Have Been Through It Pg Symptoms

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reader04 - November 19

Hi all, Experienced mums and also those of you who got pregnant recently - can you please give a list of the symptoms - to help those going through the "angst period" - when you wait and wonder if you are pregnant (before you get positive test results) - those early symptoms - if you describe it in some detail - it would help a lot of people in the list...Please please please! Every detail helps! Atleast to give hope while matching the positive symptoms!


tina - November 19

I noticed someone had posted this in a long list of answers to some other question. Other than implantation bleeding, this lists a lot of symptoms: August 10, 2004, 8:55 pm | Answer: THERE ARE NO NOTICABLE SYMPTONS IN THE FIRST WEEK OF PREGNANCY! of course there aren't any in the first week because the first week of pregnancy is actually the first seven days of a woman's menstrual cycle, a women is not even really pregnant in the first seven days. (note: a woman's menstrual cycle begins on the first day of her period) i am pregnant and i really began having symptoms in the "second" week of pregnancy. i put it in quotes cuz the second week is really the first week after conception. any way in the "second" week i started having heart burn. it wasn't too bad but i was wondering why was alll of a sudden having heartburn when i never had that problem b4. next i started noticing a heavier discharge coming form my v____a. i knew it wasn't an STD because it wasn't yellow or green, it didnt stink, nor was it cottage cheesy. it was my regualr discharge, just heavier. next the heartburn turned in to acid reflux and i was always nauseated, with no vomitting. next i noticed that my nipples had gotten a lil darker and my left b___st had a lil bit of water leaking out of it. and, my nose was always running and my mouth always had more saliva than normal, kinda like my mouth was always watering. now im almost in my "fourth" week and i still have all thses symptoms but now they are more intense. all my urine tests came back negative maybe cuz its too early. but I KNOW IM PREGNANT. i have a blood pregnancy test scheduled for tomorrow morning.


Jenna - November 19

oh wow. well first off, everyone is different, and some dont have symptoms. I for instance with my daughter had sore b___sts, mega tiredness, smell adversions, taste adversions, and dry heaves. I distinctly remember HATING bananas and cream of wheat, two of my favorite things! And brusing my teeth was torture between the texture of the toothpaste and the toothbrush its self. your b___bs will hurt im sure, and another tell tale sign which i remember being one of the first things i noticed, is the veins on your b___sts will be BRIGHT BLUE and there will be TONS of them looks like a little road map :D


Jenna - November 19

Tina, wow does that remind me of myself. I remember the saliva oh my god..i felt like my brothers constantly spitting lol. That and the runny nose. Im sure youre pregnant :D


curious - November 19

I asked this earlier - still not sure - the only real symptom I have is white cm which I normally don't have before my period. Others have listed many symptoms here. I don't really have those - I feel like I do, not sure. Am 3 days late. Any chance I am pregnant just based on white cm?


mia - November 19

every woman is different.


andria - November 19

swelled up b___st(they hurt too), cramps(believe it or not), loss of apet_te, morning sickness, feeling queezy in the morning. I did not have these symptoms until i was six weeks pregnant. oh and one more thing, i was sooooooo tired i could barely stay awake even when i hadn't done anything!!!


DeeHi - November 19

Hi there. I got heaps of symtoms in the first month and it turns out I'm not pregnant. Makes me wonder if the mind can play tricks on you. I had major tiredness, wet mc, frequent urination. funny feelings in tummy and bloating. Starving all of the time, headaches and cold symptoms. Anyway as I said I am not pregnant so maybe reading the symptoms was not a good idea for me as I must have been imagining things!


curious - November 19

Dear god.. that's disappointing ain'it? you couldn't have been imagining all those physical symptoms. Too bad - well if you wanted to be pg. That makes me think am probably imagining it too. Am too nervous to take the test, though it is 3d past...feels easier even to get the period than to do the test and find a negative result!



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