Calling All Chart Experts Again PLEASE HELP

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Becca - July 16

Girls, I need some serious help. Can you please look at my chart again? I don't understand what is going on. My temp went back down this morning to 96.8 and I woke up to TONS OF EWCM. Dh and I are going to bd just incase, but I don't understand. The RE told me I'd be Oing on Thursday night -- it's now SUNDAY?!?!?! Now my temp has spiked twice, and dipped twice. I don't understand?!?! Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


staci - July 16

becca there is really no kind of pattern there, so i'm pretty sure with your ewcm and with the temp dips you still have not O'd. i'm sure your RE will want to see you tomorrow, so hopefully you will have some answers then.


soimpatient - July 16

I think Staci is right....keep on bd-ing!


Lin - July 16

It's not really possible to be sure until after your temps have been up for awile. Today could be O day, or it coud have been cd 18. It's possible to have a secondary estrogen surge after ovulation which can cause a second dip, so cd 18 may have been it. That said, your higher temp on cd 19 could have been due to restless sleep or something else, and your ewcm could mean that today is O day. Bd again today just in case. At any rate, I'd go see a doctor about those low temps, because they're *really* low. That could indicate hypothyroidism. How long are your cycles? Do you have any issues with your weight? Is this your first month charting?


Becca - July 16

Lin, I think the most probable scenario is that I O'd on the 18. I had an u/s and blood work on Wednesday and my follie had already begun to rupture at that point. They said based on my blood work that I would O on Thursday night. My cycles are not extremely regular, but they've been at 28-32 days for a while. I am "normal" weight for my height, and overall I'm very healthy. The dr didn't indicate that I had any problems with my thyroid, and he said he checked it. This is not my first month charting but it is my first month charting in about 9 months or so. I had a TON of ewcm this morning but now it is creamy/sticky. DH and I bd this morning just incase. I will call my dr in the morning and see what he thinks. Thanks for your help.


Lin - July 16

I'm pretty sure that there are different types of tests for thyroid disorders and the most common ones are pretty inaccurate. My mother tested negative, and it turned out she actually is hypothyroid. Your temps are supposed to be one of the best indicators. If you can get a different type of test, it might be a good idea. At the very least, I'd keep charting just to make sure you really are ovulating every month, since hypothyroidism can cause anovulatory cycles. Good luck!


Becca - July 16

I just don't understand how I could have an anovulatory cycle when I saw the folicle rupturing with my own two eyes. It is very strange. On Monday my follie measured 15 mm. They said it grows about 2 mm each day and that it would be 18-19 mm on Wednesday when I was going for my second u/s. I was dissapointed on wed when my follie only measured 15.5mm. The nurse said not to be worried, that it had already reached it's peak size and that it had begun to rupture already because she could see the fluid from the ruptured follie behind my ovary. Then they ran my blood work testing estrogen, progesterone and lh and they called back to say that I would be Oing on thursday night. It seem highly unlikely that I would actually O today, don't you think? I'm just trying to look at this objectively and scientifically. It just seems so strange. I really hope my dr has some answers for me. Thanks for all your advice, Lin.


Lin - July 16

It's a bit early to a__sume you've had an anovulatory cycle. Besides, it doesn't really look like one anyway. Your temp is obviously on its way up - it's just a matter now of which day it was. It probably *was* cd 18. I had a chart once that did pretty much exactly the same thing as your chart is doing now, and FF selected the earlier date as my O date. Just give it a few days. You'll see the pattern. Good luck!


jeanette - July 16

Becca, some women do experience a fallback rise also, maybe another thing to add to the list of what happened, huh? LOL...hang in there doll, I bet you already O'd. Like Lin said, wait a few days to see what happens. Its so easy to get upset over one temp because it doesnt follow the pattern of what we think it should my Doc says, there is no use in setting limitations on what the womans body will do or should does what it darn well pleases!!....and I believe he is oh so right. xD


Becca - July 17

You girls have been so helpful - thank you! This morning my temp was 97.2, which is on the higher end for me. FF said that it cannot pinpoint a 24 hour time frame for O, but that is occurred somewhere between cd 13 and cd 19, so I'm pretty confident that I O'd on cd 18 because it falls inline with all my other signs and what my RE said. I'll be interested to see how the rest of my cycles goes and when AF shows (or hopefully doesn't show!) Thanks again!


Lin - July 17

FF won't set an O date until you have at least three elevated temps in a row, so you won't see an O estimate for a little while yet. I wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure to keep all your bases covered, even though it's likely that you indeed O-ed on cd 18.



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