Calling All Ladies Who Got Very Late Bfps

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UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

please share stories as i am a week late and have no signs of af and i just have a flu like thing at the mo no vomiting though but anyway havnt been this late without af signs for 1 year let me know if anybody was pregnant without signs or a + test


trishnish - May 15

Hi if you go to the general pregnancy section and look for a thread started by myself, called where are all the women that tested negative you will see that i have had a few replys from women that never got a positive hpt at all or to later. good luck


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

oh thanks hun


jasmin - May 15

hi there, i was a week late on saturday(13th may) and tested positive on 2 clearblue tests.i have hardly any signs of AF or PREG and just felt as if this is the month.hang in there


Steff - May 15

I don't know if I was REALLY late... but I finally got my BFP on CD 34 with FRER.


nicksmmy - May 15

I am an unusual case, I did not find out I was pg till I was 7 1/2 months. I had bleeding every month till then, and I was on the pill. I came back from my honeymoon and was like 4 days late. I took an HPT and it was -, bled the next day. I finally started feeling movement. I just didn't know any better to go to the MD. I now have a very healthy, 4 1/2 yr old and am ttc #2. I will nvr believe an HPT. just my thoughts. baby dust to all.


LadyD - May 16

nicksmmy, 71/2 mths? That is definetely unusual. Honestly, I went in at 71/2 mths& not a lot of people could tell I was pg unless I told them. I carried extremely small an I have a small frame but you didn't know yourself or you didn't get a positive test? Nothing grew (b___sts- don't worry I didn't have any so I know that's not a great example), feet or back didn't hurt, nothing? I can't lie, I had a great pg, no symptoms, I just started bleeding one day and got bad cramps. I was in labor for 3 days. I wish she would've been ful term but I was blessed, very minor complications. She's 5 now.


QweenB - May 31

hi Trishnish. was wondering, Im trying to look for the thread that you started on Where ar eall the women that tested negative? Thanks muchly :-)


KimS - June 1

Hello everyone, One of my best friends didn't find out she was pregnant until 24 weeks, she went to the doctor at about 8 weeks, they told her she wasn't pregnant, she went back to the doctor at about 23 weeks because she thought she had a bladder infection, they told her she was 4 weeks pregnant and that it was tubular, they sent her for an ultrasound so as to know where it was to abort, the technician said to her " how far along did they tell you you were" she said 4 weeks, the tech said try 24. My friend said she had felt movement but with the doctors telling her she wasn't pregnant that she thought it was bad gas.. She too is a very small frame and had only put on a little weight. So you never konw!


Emma2 - June 1

Kims, thats a cool story. Was she testing at home? That must have been such a shocker for her!


KimS - June 1

Emma2, she was testing at home, always negative, I always tell her it was fate, she wasn't ttc, and may have aborted had she found out earlier since she was quite young, but she is such a great mom and thanks god that she didn't konw until 24 weeks. She said it was funny how her body was taking care of the baby before she knew, she had stopped taking her bcp to try and regulate her cycle, beer didn't taste right so she stopped drinking and she had started to eat well since she thought she was putting on a few pounds. Funny how your body works.. she now has a healthy 8 year old girl.. she did say though that it was a good thing she was lying down because she almost pa__sed out!!



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