Calling All LATE BFP 11 Days Late BFN

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AA - July 12

I have never been late a day in my life, today Im 11 days late, no spotting no nothing! I took 2 hpt last week bfn :( today I tokk a digital clear blue read not pregnant! Im going crazy I know I have to be pregnant!! How late where you when you got BFP? What tests did you get it on, and what tests were BFN? Thanks sooo much ladies!


BriannasMummy - July 12

I JUST found out I was pregnant on tuesday.. 1 day shy of being THREE WEEKS LATE!!! When i was 4 days late i took a test and it was bfn.. and then I took another at 1 week and 4 days late.. another bfn! Ive taken 4 hpts.. and they are nice and bright positives.. Ive used the dollarama tests and I LOVE THEM! Perhaps youre using tests that arent as sensitive? I know that the clearblue you have to have 50 mius of hcg before itll show positive... some people just dont have that much. I say keep your chin up.. and get a couple dollar store tests!! Good luck.. it can happen.. im living proof! ~Kristin~


ashleyafi - July 12

okay here is the deal.' i am exactly one week late today but i have taken 9 hpts by 4 different brands and they all came up negative. not all today of course. this morning i used fmu and still negative. i don't want to be pregnant at this point in my life. my bf and i never really had s_x though just messed around and his says that he is pretty sure that he didnt ejaculate near me. (even though we have pretty close physical contact) i am also a junior in college and have been waiting for a reply for my upper level nursing application that could pretty much determine the rest of my life. this letter was due to come about a month ago and they are still keeping all of us in the dark so everyday i check the mail with anticipation. maybe that could be the reason i'm late? my symptoms are a dull pain in my lower back and sore b___sts but that is not bad at all. nothing else. both signify pregnancy and period. **the brands of hpts i have taken are EPT, Answer, CVS, and First Response. thanks for your help! ?


AA - July 12

Hi Briannasmummy! CONGRATS!!! How exciting! Is this your first pregnancy? Have a wonderful 9 months!


BriannasMummy - July 13

Thanx so much AA! This is actually my fourth pregnancy. I have 2 little girls and in April I had a m/c. Have you taken any more tests? ? Hopefully u can get some answers soon! ~Kristin~


AA - July 15

Well I tested mid day today with internet strip that read a level of 20mil? and got a faint but clearly there positive (all same on 4 tests, one was a bit darker)!! However I will wait until tomorrow (2 weeks late) to test with a drug store brand for First response test... I used these same stripes when I got BFP with DD (day of missed AF) but am hesitate to beleive all this right now :) Kristin~ did you get late BFP wit your 2 girls as well? My next af due July 30th for some reason I have a feeling she wont show then either...


BriannasMummy - July 15

I wasn't really late getting a bfp with Brianna. I didnt test until i was 5 days late with her.. and it came up positive right away. With Ka__sidy I didnt test until i was 8 weeks along because I had no idea in this world that I was pregnant. My af's were screwed up for 3.5 years at that point.. so I just didnt know. I think if you have a visible line that you dont have to hold the test in a certain direction under extreme light then youre pregnant. My first two bfps were kind of light.. but very visible from across the room.. so if its anything like that.. accept it.. girly youre pregnant!! Congratulations! ~Kristin~


gweltzer - July 15

Hello all! I too am 11 days late today and never have been more than 1 day late! Have taken 3 tests, all negative! I feel pregnant so this is driving me crazy! I have tried a CVS brand and 2 grocery store brands. Maybe try a dollar store brand? By the way congrats AA!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Mystyfyd81 - August 1

Did any of you ladies get a BFP? AF is currently 6 days and I've taken 4 hpts in the  last week which have all been negative! I've had regular 28 day cycles and never been late so this makes no sense. 



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