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JAX - January 5



shelly1977 - January 5

Hi! I'm wondering about weird symptoms too! I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not but I'm 13dpo and I've been pretty sneezy the past few days.


puppycat - January 6

I've been sneezy too! Also I have had hiccups today a fair few times, and last night. Odd! Stil BFN though... 4 days to go to AF x


tylers wife to be - January 7

I had an itchy belly, and itchy watery eyes...2 weeks in each eye accompanied with runny nose and what i felt was the flu...then got bfp soon after the "flu" symptoms started


Ca__lys - January 9

Hi, I just started sneezing, feeling congested this morning. I thought that i might have caught a cold. I guess I will add this symptom to my other symptoms!!


venus87 - January 9

I still don't know anything yet for myself. But today would be 7 days late and I have started to get really tired even when going to bed at 8 or 9 and getting up at 7:30. All this morning before lunch I felt sick to my stomach but never got sick. Then after I ate (like a horse) I now have a metallic taste in my mouth. My right b___st hurts on the inside and both my nipples are sore to the touch, but not extremely sensitive. I am having period like cramping, but that has calmed down since yesterday, but for 3 days prior it was bad. I am even sucking on a jolly rancher and all i can taste is like aluminum foil. I was told by the dr. to wait and test tomorrow and if it is neg. just wait a few weeks to see if i get my period. If not I am supposed to test again and/or come in to the office. this is because i came off of birth control at the end of October/beginning of Nov. Had a normal bc free period on the 6th of dec. and no period since then.. still waiting. so if I go by 28 day cycle it should have been last sat. the 3rd.. so 7 days and 2 BFN's on Monday and tues. Should I test on sat. or wait longer?


norma jeane - January 10

I'm 4 weeks and the symptoms I've noticed are pretty typical. Extreme fatigue!! Swollen and sore b___sts (even a little leakage?) Mild cramping, increased appet_te and super sensitive (I cry very's quite rediculous). Hormones are facsinating are'nt they?!


Britt8 - January 10

im not sure if my pregnant yet but im very itchy and i can not sleep through the night...i wake up every few hours


Tonigirl - January 11

Ummmm...the reason i tested was because I was as in air pa__sing from the nether cheeks, kind of ga__sy...more so than usual...and I felt sick to my stomach...this all started to occur 6days after my missed period. I never had an itchy nipple or sneezes or hiccups though...well, I take that back i got hiccups whever i my stomach was empty and I was about to puke from not eating...that was my sure sign that I needed to get food in me or I'd be dry heaving...but that didn't start until about 8 weeks in.


Tiffany814 - January 12

Ok, this is my second pregnancy, I'm 17 were my weird signs: horrible back pain, headaches/dizzy, cold (sneezing, runny nose, sore throat), BLOATED!, freezing all the time, full b___sts somewhat sore but nothing crazy, nauseness at night mostly, heightened sense of smell, mild cramping, huge apet_te, frequent urination and increased saliva. Hope this helps! Good luck!


HeavenisMine - January 13

I'm not pregnant anymore, but with all of my pregnancies I had hiccups a lot as a first sign before anything else! I also had a lot of saliva and tons of vivid dreams, each time. I guess for all women it is different. I spotted with my son and daughter, never with my m/c though, hmmm. Anyway best wishes on your pregnancy journeys ladies!


marylynn78 - January 13

i have had a runny nose, not that runny but a sniffle here and there, but i don't have a cold. WEIRD


unsure_92 - January 13

hey, i have been itchy on the tummy, legs... i have been spooting more mocus during the past week... i feel exchausted even tho i have slept all night...Change of Appet_te... Ive always been ga__sy alot thro the week & i feel like i have an upset Stomach..... Please Help could i be pregnant?


gingy - January 14

I have been having crazy, crazy dreams! My b___sts are so sore they hurt when I run up and down my stairs. I have also been sweating a lot, especially at night when I am sleeping.


amleh - January 14

I suddenly had an allergic reaction to the deodorant I had been using for some time with no problems. Then I started having crazy vivid dreams every night. Still am at almost 9 weeks. Had spotting, sore stomach muscles. If it weren't for the strange symptoms, I wouldn't have known because I haven't had a period since May '07 before I got pregnant with the one I'm still b___stfeeding. This will be my fourth, fingers crossed for a girl this time since I have 3 boys.


maddy08 - January 15

Congrats Amleh, I hope its a girl =) Seems like mostly everyone I know this year with the baby boom is having a girl, so maybe this will be your year. Well I dont know if I'm pregnant yet, last period on Nov. 21st, taken 4 hpt test all neg., so I'm going to get a blood test later on today. I do feel diff. though, my b___st were sore, esp. my nipples, just wearing a bra was unbearable, but that has gotten better. It is a bit embarrasing to say, but I was hornier then a teenager last couple of weeks. My husband and I have been together for 9 yrs, and I can't recall how long its been since I've felt this way. He is truly enjoying it. haha. I have mild cramping on and off, extra salivating, and on top of that have gained 5lbs in 3 months. Cross my fingers, I hope we get the results we want. This will be our first =)


maddy08 - January 15

Also, one other thing i have noticed, my wedding band has gotten really snug, so somedays I cant even wear it. And it has left a chap, red ring around my finger. It doesnt itch like a rash, but the skin was peeling some. I'm afraid I may have gotten allergic to my ring :(



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