Calling All Women TTC Less Than 1 Year

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Rene - January 26

Hi everyone, if you have been trying to conceive for less and up to a year, please post your story here (using one consistent name so that we can get to know each other)? Please give your age, residing country, number of children, medical reasons for not having been able to conceive so far (if any), what you think the problem is, any interesting tips or experiences you've had? I invite you to share your story with me!


just curious - January 26

are you doing some kind of research? why do you want stories of people ttc for three different lengths of time?


I'm with just curious - January 26

I invite you to share your story with us!!


Cutie - January 27

Hi Rene, I think its a great idea! So hey, I am with you. A little about me. I am 20, married to the most wonderful and lovely husband for about 6 month. We have been trying to concieve for about 1.5-2 month, this would be our first child. HOW ABOUT YOU ? P.S. I can not absolutely wait until I have that little one! God bless to you :)


Aus - January 27

This will be our 3 mth TTC so hoping this is the month.. can see though it can take some time.... spend most of our lives trying not to get pregnant then when your ready it seems a little difficult.. good luck to you all


why - January 27

WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW! is it research because you should say it is heart wrenching trying for a baby each month and failing without telling people about this experience try having two miscarriages and seeing how you feel its not the sort of story you want to hear i'm also with just curious


Rene - January 27

I'm asking because I'm feeling so desperately lonely and I wanted to meet women out there who know my pain and relate. This is not research. I just believe that people who have been trying to conceive for a similar amount of time, relate better to each other. Here's my story: I am 31, I live in South Africa, no children yet, married 6 years. Have been ttc for 2 years. I have endometriosis. It was 'cleared' and I have kept trying but no luck yet. I have been to hell and back in the past two years, ranging from desperately hopeful, to desperately depressed. I am both happy for other women who conceive (all my friends!) but also incredibly envious. I've always been very lucky in that things I wanted came my way easily. Now it's different. I'm really battling to cope with the idea that I can't seem to conceive as easily as many other women! It's always easier for you if you hear other women's stories, and compare them to yours, and see that you are not alone!


Nevaeh - January 27

I live in Washington, DC, USA I'm 31 years old. My husband and I have been trying for 4 going on 5 months. I have a 32-day cycle. This would be our first child. I think ...I'm thinking about 'having a baby' too much. That may be affecting why we haven't gotten pregnant yet. My cycles have always been regular. Like clock work. When I started testing, and taking my temperature, etc.. My cycle went to 40 days. It was like that for two cycles. I've stopped testing so much... I gave up the thermometer. I'm trying not to let the idea of having a baby consume my world. Yet I find myself, looking for support and interested in hearing others stories.


Cutie - January 27

If someone doesnt want to answer, just go on., let us meet each other and have little support!!! Right ladies? People dont just do researches on this kind of site !!!!


Julie - January 27

Hi I'm 29 ttc for 2 months live in the cleveland area. had a miscarriage in Nov. tried to conceive for that preg. for about 4 months before getting preg. then lost baby. So devastating! Now we have been trying for 2 mo. no luck yet.


angie - January 27

hi, im angie, 24, from shreveport, louisiana, married and weve been ttc for 3 going on 4 mos. ive got my fingers crossed that this may be it, im 7 days late. i took a hpt at 2 days late and it was negative but everyone including my husband says it was a cheap test too early so im waiting 3 more days to test again with a name brand test but im scared! best wishes to all, ill keep you posted!



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