Calling All Women Who Don T Test Positive On HPTs

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lawgirl29 - March 16

Hello all! So I haven't had my period since January 8th but lately I've given up thinking I might be pregnant because all my HPTs have been negative. But, to confirm in my mind that I'm not preggers or to give me hope that I might be, I wanted to know if there really are any women out there who never tested positive on an HPT but still ended up being pregnant??????? Anyone???? Could you share your story???? THanks!


San_dee - March 16

Have you had a blood test done?


calista - March 16

Hey Lawgirl29, you would be such a rare kind, you are not even getting a slight line??? I would definitely get a blood test ASAP, and see your doctor to rule out an ectopic or other issue.


Lin - March 16

Lawgirl, if you haven't gotten a blood test yet, then that's your next move. It's the only way you can find out one way or the other. You'll definitely get a few replies from people who were pregnant without ever getting a positive urine test, but that is necessarily going to be a biased sample, especially because you're not asking for the opposite. There are many more women who have negative urine tests that aren't pregnant than ones that are. You may be in that minority, but again the only thing that can tell you if you are is a blood test. Good luck! Here's hoping for the minority situation!


vivi - March 16

I agree with Lin , Low HCG levels are rare and are usually before missing af. My doc told me that if it doesnt show up +ve on the urine it wouldnt show up on BT too. Good luck to u lawgirl. keep us posted.


mtnla__s - March 17

I met a woman who didn't find out she pregnant until she was 20 weeks along with twins. I missed the beginning of the story so I don't know why she went to the doctor. I guess she has a history of fibroids and they tought that was the issue. She has an 8 month old, so they weren't ttc. Any way the doc did a urine test- negative, then did a blood tests including pregnancy test- negative also. So they went for an ultrasound expecting to see fibroids or such instead they saw twins. The tech asked them before she told them if it was brought up to them about being pregnant. She didn't say why she never came up pg on the test. When I saw her she had only known for two weeks and was still in shock. So it can happen. Have you been taking your temp? You just may be going through anovulatory cycle. I had one that was 73 days and boy did that suck especially when ttc. Good luck!


lawgirl29 - March 17

Hi Girls! Thanks for all of your input--mtnla__s what an amazing story! I haven't been temping because my thermometer is broken. I need to buy a new one. I think I probably am in an anovulatory cycle . . . those really do stink!! We're not TTC right now but I sure would love a baby. Ummm the only thing that made me wonder if something was up with my body was that a couple of weeks ago I had period cramps and I was getting acne like a junior high kid (unbelievable!!) and I was incredibly moody and constipated and itchy stomach and headaches (I never get headaches) and leg cramps too!! But that all lasted for a couple of weeks and now its gone really so I'm trying to figure out if I've ovulated yet or if I am in anovulatory cycle or whats going on! Bodies are weird . . . mine is just doing strange things this month but hopefully AF will show soon so my mind can stop wondering whats up!!


Lin - March 17

Maybe those symptoms were due to ovulation. In that case, you might want to just wait another week and test again. If you've already temped before and have a good idea of your typical follicular phase and luteal phase temps, then it wouldn't hurt to buy a new thermometer and see where your temp is now. That's probably the only thing that could give you a clue as to whether or not you've ovulated. Good luck!


Carrie - March 20

Finally!!! someone that is going through the same thing as me!!! I thought that I was the only one going through this! I haven't have af since Dec. 30th, but I've been experiencing some things; achey legs at times, excessive sleeping, moody, crankiness, occasional slight nausea, occasional aches/pains in stomach area. I've taken about two to three tests every month since the last af and it's always neg. I've tried with different brands too, just to make sure one brand wasn't picking up the hcg hormone...nothing. I was thinking of getting a blood test but if i read it right, vivi - did you say the doc said it wouldn't pick it up on a blood test either?! What cruel tricks our bodies can do to us! I haven't even told my dh about this, he's already under stress, I don't know if he could handle any news about possible baby. I'm just happy to know that I'm not the only one that has gone w/o af and always come up neg. on hpt's.



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