Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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Karen - September 18

I had what I believe to be implantation bleeding the day my period was due - three days after already getting a BFP. I didn't wake up with it but it showed up around 10 a.m. - no cramping was accompanied with the "show". It was light pink and brown. It lasted for a couple of hours - used a light pad - probably two tablespoons in total and then it was gone. My pregnancy guide says it can take up to 13 days for the egg to implant - my midwife says that my bleeding was "old blood" and she suspects it was from implantation. Hope this helps.


mae - September 18

I had implantation bleeding with my second child i thought it was my period and i was saying to my self how come my period is so little this month .it was light flow pinkish ,brownish in colour . but i still thought it was my period so you can imagine how shock i was two days later ,when i went for my depo shot and was told you are pregnant, i was like but i just got my period.


becca - September 18

hey im the same have experienced a brownish pinkish watery discharge for the last two days think its implatation bleeding because this is the first time ive had anything like this. Has anyone from here got a BFP yet? Would love to know so i can relax a bit. Will be testing in two days.


Elena - September 19

Hey ya'll! It was implantation bleeding and I am pregnant! This is so exciting! Good luck to all of you!


Me - September 19

Mine was like a normal period only very mild and only lasting a few days.


hey rachypoo - September 19

Yes it can be red.


Emy - September 19

Hi Me You said that yours was like a regular period. Give more details about other symptoms that you had. Everything you remembered because I also had mild period, but 2 days before my due date and it last less and after that I still have cravings and light fatigue. I don't have the courage to test again because it was negative. When did you test?


lisa - September 19

I have been having mild cramping and pink spotting just when I wip for 8 days now. It stopped for about a day on Sat. Turned a little brown today. My period is due the 22nd. I ovulated the 8th. Any advise?


mischa - September 19

hello! i'm so happy i found this site! my period is about a week late and yesterday i noticed some brownish pink blood when i wiped. thought it was a little strange because usually when your period is about to start it is just pink or red... still have some bleeding today... i'm hoping i'm pregnant!! my husband and i just celebrated our one year anniversary so it would be a nice if i was!! i have my fingers crossed!! as soon as the bleeding stops i'm taking a prego test. thanks so much to everyone for sharing their experiences! (^_^)


becca - September 19

Hi lisa im due on the 23rd but im going to test on the 22nd. Ive been having a brownhish pinkish discharge since sunday. Has yours been brown or more pink?


ERIC - September 20



to becca - September 20

It has been a very light pink for 7 days the past 2 days its been redder with a mucas to it only in the morning. By the end of the day I don't have anymore spotting. I think AF is coming and maybe I just had an off cycle.


angelbaby - September 20

I have been charting my cycles and figured out what day I ovulated. 4 days later I began a light brown spotting that continued on and off for a week...sometimes it was darker with some pink, but overall just brown. This confused me because I thought implantation spotting didn't happen for at least 7-8 days after conception or around the time of your period. This seemed way too early and a week before my period was due. 10 days after ovulating, I had a positive pregnancy test! It just goes to show you that this spotting is not a black and white issue. Every woman is different. Those of you spotting alot, don't worry so much!


ashley - September 20

I am confused. I got my period last month on august 25 (few days of spotting prior) so spotting is normal for me and its usually brownish. This month not expecting my period until maybe 9-23 (three more days from today) I was waiting around for my brothers wedding to start and I got really dizzy and had to sit down. I started feeling queezy so I was thinking/hoping I was pregnant. (that was on Sept. 16). Well that night I started spotting, which is normal for me, a few days before I start my period. Well Its not Tuesday 5 days of light brown/pink spotting, that is really not a lot. I wear a panty liner. Usually by now my "period" comes on full b__wn. So this spotting came on about a week before I expected my period. Now I don't know what to think. I know many woman don't get positive hpt's right away. I don't know if I should test or wait. What are every body's thoughts on the clear blue easy digital test?


ashley - September 20

by the way, I was experiencing cramping prior to starting spotting. I started cramping around 6 dpo. not sure if thier is corrilationg. Who knows maybe my cycle is all screwed up. any body have any opinions on all this? (Im chicken to test)


shanny - September 20

hey im 2 weeks late for my period and when i was 3 days late i took a clearblue digital and it read not pregnant. personally i dont think that they work properly and ive heard alot of people complain about them. im going to test in the morning with a first responce test. i would suggest them ones.



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