Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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shanny - September 20

hey im 2 weeks late for my period and when i was 3 days late i took a clearblue digital and it read not pregnant. personally i dont think that they work properly and ive heard alot of people complain about them. im going to test in the morning with a first responce test. i would suggest them ones.


becca - September 21

I thought i would let you know that my brown spotting/discharge has stopped today but this morning i got a BFN so im going to wait till the 25 and if i dont get my af im going to test again. Has anyone got a answer to this brown spotting??


sarah - September 21

i just found out i am pregnant with my second child but i got a light blood for 3 days then i got heavy then it stopped and it came back for a few days now its been light not heavy but brown with mutcus and a little bit of light pinkish blood im not sure if its implantation bleeding or what it is just a bit worried anyone could give me there opinion i think im about 4 weeks. thanks


ash - September 21

Wow I don't know what to say about that. If it gets really heavy for a prolonged period of time, I would call and ask a doc. If it stays light and such, I wouldn't worry.


becca - September 22

Yesterday and today ive had just a little light brown stuff when wiping, cant even notice it today so it looks like its gone. Doing a test tommorrow and if not pg going to docs on tues. Anyone got any answers yet for this spotting?


Kristen - September 22

Leonia, hi i think im having implantation bleeding, its a week and a half b4 my pd, and 7 dpo and there is a lot not more than a tampon for the day started of brow and yellow mucus, im not in pain but my nipples are sore, do you think this is it or could it be my pd early? its always regular so i dont know


becca - September 22

kirsten if your always regular and something is different you could be pg. Maybe wait a few days and take a hpt.


Elena - September 23

I started implantation bleeding Saturday Evening...a few spots. A few spots Sunday and Monday and tested Tuesday and got a positive result. Just so you guys know when you may be able to test.


Angie - September 23

Elena, was that your first time testing or did you test prior to that?


Annette - September 23

Elena, how many dpo was that when you tested, and how many days after you got the implantation bleeding did u test


Elena - September 24

That was my first time testing. I don't know how many dpo I am sorry. I thought I wasn't ovulating (I am 36 yo) and had an appt with my doc when this happened! I wasn't spiking on ovulation tests I was getting faint lines. If you are trying to get pregnant and having a hard OB Nurse at work gave me some advice that seemed to have worked...try early! You know all the ovulation charts are based on a TYPICAL ovulation...I probably ovulated early because I have read on here that most people had implantation bleeding when their period was due. I had it a week and 2 days BEFORE my period was due. Keep trying and good luck to all.


Julie - September 26

I had a question to!!!! My period came well I think it was my period normal time. I usually bleed for 8 days the first 4 very heavy then it starts slacking off. Well this period only lasted 4 days, and Not heavy like usual AT ALL!! Anyone ever had anything like this?


becca - September 26

I still havent got my af so im off to the docs this arvo. Have been having a stretchy/clear/creamy cm the last two days but its different from my usual ovulation cm but i still think that spotting was ovulation spotting. Going to get it checked out anyway coz ive been vomitting and feeling very sick the last two days.


confused - September 27

i started what i thought was a regular period 8 days after i ovulated. it lasted 3 days, was red and had clots (sorry, don't mean to gross anyone out--clots are normal for me btw). i thought that my system was a bit off and i just started my period early, but i've been experiencing mild nausea ever since after i eat. no other pregnancy symptoms. should i take a hpt a few days after my period was supposed to really come (tomorrow) just to make sure it wasn't i.b.? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks, guys.


becca - September 27

To confused i would do a hpt if i was you. I had the same kind of thing, i got it checked out by my docs and he said that there is a big chance that i could be but my hcg levels may still be too low to detect on hpts which is very common, if its not that then it could be that my body isnt ovulating and that causes spotting so im now waiting till next week then if i still havent got my af doing a blood test. Hope that helped a bit.


Julie - September 28

Just thought I would update here....I took a hpt yesterday, and thought I saw a line then it went away I don't think it was there...then this morning tested again with fmu and there is a faint pink line there, so im thinking its positive but dont really know, Anyone had this happen, I don't want to get excited, and don't want to go to the drs until I test again in a couple of days to make sure.



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