Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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DeeDee216 - February 17

yes, please let us know... I think its both brave and helpful for people to remember to post outcomes. mine became real dark today however its pretty persistent so I'm not getting my hopes up for I dont know when exactly i would have expected my period for sure... but if it goes away suddenly or changes again I might test but we'll see.


Cealdi - April 15

Okay I know this is a really old thread. And that it's actually for people who have HAD implantation bleeding and want to share their story. But I have the weirdest c___p going on with me and I am dying to know if anyone else has had anything like it happen. Twice now, I've begun to experience very noticeable pregnancy symptoms about a week after my partner and I have had s_x. I have one daughter from my first marriage so I am aware of what it feels like. I get heavy, sore b___sts, I feel nauseous on and off and my mouth waters like I'm going to throw up, I can smell EVERYTHING, I get overly emotional, slight twinges in my lower pelvic area, etc. THEN, about a week later, I start getting period symptoms on TOP of the pregnancy ones! I usually get really bad cramps and a sore lower back, right before my period starts. And for the first couple days of my period, it's like the two "conditions" are battling it out. I'll bleed and have my usual intense cramps for several hours, then the bleeding tapers off and my b___bs hurt, I feel nauseous again, etc., and then I go back to bleeding and cramping, and finally after a couple of days, it seems just like a normal period and it ends after about a week. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE??? It's crazy, but I feel like my body is literally fighting off any potential babies we make. Like it's hostile against the poor little things. And they have no chance. My body always wins out. It's a horrible feeling, physically and emotionally. How can I stop this? I am 35, as I said I have one perfectly healthy child who was conceived after about a month of trying, and my cycle is very regular and normal. No issues that I know of. My partner is in good health, same age as me, but no kids yet, so I'd kinda like to help him out with that, ya know??


nicki6711 - May 16

hey ladies, I need some help.I am 22 years old and i have been married to my husband for almost 2 years now but this has never happened to me. I started my period on April 29th and it was right on time like it always is. It was a regular period and lasted until about May 4th. On tuesday this week (May 14th) I noticed a little brown discharge when I wiped ..(sorry TMI but im freaking out a little)my period was not due to start for almost two weeks...then the next day i woke up and i noticed my panties had a that same brown discharge on my underwear and that went on until i woke up today. Since it was such a little amount I never had to use a panty liner or anything but today I woke up and noticed the brown had turned to a very dark red color so i just figured it must of just been my period so i put a tampon in but two hours later the bleeding and the brown stuff had completely this something i should be concerned about?? This is extremely unusual for me. Please help! Thanks, Nicki


rhdiaz02 - May 17

Hi BabyCakes, I wanted to ask you if you found out if you were pregnant after you posted this? I had the same symptoms, except, I missed my period last month (I was suppose to start on 4/15/13) and I lightly spotted on 4/20/13 and tested once on the 26th, and it came back a faint positive and then tested the next morning and it tested positive. So, tested before I started bleeding and it came back positive twice. I started bleeding 5/9/13 and it lasted 4 days. After the bleeding stopped just 3 days ago (5/14/13), I decided to take a test today and it came back negative. Did I experience implantation bleeding, or did I have a miscarriage or should I still wait and test until I have my period this month on the 22nd? I hope you can help shed some light for me, or anyone. Thank you for your support.


rhdiaz02 - May 17

Replying to McGuiness. Please tell me, how long did you wait to test after your bleeding stopped to retest? My symptoms have exactly the same as yours in 2012, and my periods last 3-4 days as well and I have a 28 day cycle. I missed my period in April and I tested the last weekend of April and it came back positive, twice. Then I started to bleed early May 9th, and it lasted for 4 days and stopped. Was this implantation bleeding like yours? Any good news would help. I hope you can answer this soon. Thanks.


mamagirl - March 8

My period was ten day late then it came on for 3 days very light I had no cramping in my periods always last 6 days could this be implantation bleeding im scared to test and be disappointed


AmeliaR - March 24

This is my first pregnancy. I'm 6weeks on the 25th and I had implantation bleeding that started on the 5th of March. I notice that I was bleeding red with tiny clot in it on the 19th. My doctor said that I'm at greater risk for miscarriage cause I'm 35 now. It hasn't gotten heavier nor is there any cramping. I'm very worried and wonder if it is normal. I'm trying to stay hopeful.


_marimommy24 - September 3



Mxx - September 7

Hi I'm 19 years old, I started getting very light reddish brown spotting 5 days before my period which lasted for two days along with nausea and lightheadedness that lasted for 3 days. It's now Monday and I woke up and have realised that my boobs look bigger and one is bigger than the other! I'm really nervous and just wondering wether you guys think it could have been implantation bleeding as I really have no idea! Thanks :) (I'm on the pill but did stuff up my pills this month) 


MissKi - September 11

Hello, I've read these comments and posts for a while and have a question myself. I know no one can tell me anything for sure, but still think I may just want to be able to get it out of my own head. So, my cycle has stayed regular for more than 6 mos at 26 days and a luteal phase of 12 and doesn't deviate from a day before or after, which I understand to be normal. My last menstrual period was on the 21st of August and lasted 3 days as usual. Only sometimes I get a 4 day period if I have the pinkish/brownish mixed with blood a day before full menses. On the 8th of September I went to the bathroom, wiped and noticed very light pink discharge, which turned watery brown that night. It was only if I wiped, then the next day it turned slowly into a watery red when I wiped and so I used a tampon for overnight just in case somehow my menstrual cycle started an entire week early. The next morning there was a very almost dime size amount of red and the rest was brown filling only about 1/3 of the tampon. This reddish when I wiped continued with a few spots here or there until it completely went back watery brown and hardly there at all. Now nothing. I've had some cramping with all this, but nothing major and not like my normal cycle. I have two boys and have had two mc. One in between my boys and one last May. I've never had implantation bleeding with any of them so am unsure? 


prepper - September 21

Hi Ladies. My husband and I have been ttc #2 for over 2 years now. We have had alot of stress for the past couple of years and now life seems to have calmed down abit! My period is due tomorrow but last night I had some light pink on the paper when I wiped but nothing after that or before bed. When I woke up this morning there was a bit of bright red, but just a little bit, and I've gone to the bathroom several times since then and nothing at all. I do have some twinges, little jabs here and there and my nipples are a little bit sensitive but those are pretty typical pms symptoms for me.  I've been looking on so many websites for more info, and I've gotten lots but i wonder if anyone else had had this happen?


kbaby - November 3

I think I had implantation bleeding, I havent used protection since having my son 6 years ago, i get my period on time around the 19th of every month and its a heavy consistant flow for 6 days but this month 19/10 I thought it was the start of my period it was a pink very light bleed to spotting on the first day then on & off spotting & more browny blood over 2 days then nothing?? I'm so confused as this has never happened before!! Its the 4/11 and i done a pregnancy test and its negative! Is it to early to test or am i not pregnant?? Any kind of insight would be greatly apprieciated:)   


hanndevs - November 11

Hi, I'm new to the site and just need to see if anyone has had a similiar experience to mine and would be able to help me figure out what is going on with me!! Ok so, according to my period calendar, I ovulated on Oct. 31st.Around Friday/Saturday (Nov 6th & 7th) I had some cramping on my right ovary.That stopped.Sunday the 8th I began to have spotting.I went to the bathroom, wiped and discovered brown and pink-mucus-y discharge.Everytime I wiped, all day long it was there.It was also there all day Monday as well, but began going away Monday night.During these days I also had stretching like light-"cramping".I have also had a couple of other symptoms that made me feel this was for sure IB, and that I was pregnant.I have had sensitive breasts, frequent urination, hightened sense of smell and I have been emotional.I wasn't supposed to start my period until Friday November 13th, but Tuesday I went to the bathroom and realized AF came.It came after my pink and brown random spotting had already stopped.I don't feel this period has been normal for me, not much menstrual cramping.Not to mention, I don't have periods start 4, or 5 days early, EVER! Yesterday was light, today was heavier.But I still can't help but feel that I may be pregnant.I have taken two tests, both have been negative.When the spotting started, I was 8dpo and 5 days away from starting my period.Could this infact be implantation bleeding still, and just have been too early to test? I still have symptoms of pregnancy, just now have a flow and neg tests.Just to add, I have two children, I've been pregnant twice and I obviously have never experienced anything like this.. HELP!


Jess93 - November 12

I have a question I was on the depo for 2 years. It's been 5 months I been off of it and in October I was implantation bleeding for 3 days. Can I get pregnant??? 


lahiri - December 9

My cycle is irregular. I am trying for 2nd baby. Last cycle was 56 day. After last cycle I have used OPK. If I am not wrong today is my ( 10 DPO) the unlucky day. I got bleeding . I tried to check my vagina and enter my finger then comes red blood. After that it becomes brown colour not too much.But every period in my first day I got my period very little . So next day I will get more.  I have to wait more day for the baby. Now 36 year. I am worried. 



Lctoo - December 21

I am just 36 and have been TTC for only three Months. This month was my first time charting my ovulation using an OPK. I ovulated on day 16/17 of my cycle. 10 days after OD I experience a small amount of brown liquid discharge. Since then nothing.

It's now day 28 of my cycle and nothing. 2 early detection pregnancy tests came back BFN. Last one was yesterday. 

Could it be too early to test? If technically implantation only happened 10 days after OD. How long until HCG shows up in early section tests? I think my LHP is 13 days which tells me AF should arrive tomorrow. Has anyone else had this same experience? 





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