Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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Julie - September 28

Just thought I would update here....I took a hpt yesterday, and thought I saw a line then it went away I don't think it was there...then this morning tested again with fmu and there is a faint pink line there, so im thinking its positive but dont really know, Anyone had this happen, I don't want to get excited, and don't want to go to the drs until I test again in a couple of days to make sure.


leonia - September 28

kristin,hi sorry didn't see your post.the timing seems right for implantation bleeding.have you tested yet?how far off is af due?wish everyone best of luck


ker - September 28

I got it with my first pregnancy a few days before my period was due. It was very light, pink and then brown, it only lasted for a day. I am now pg with my 2nd and did not get implantation bleeding this time. The symptom that I did notice even before I missed my period though, is that I had increased cervical mucus more so than usual, it was very watery. Usually you will dry up after ovulation, but I didn't this time, so if you have this symptom, I would say that you are pregnant.


char - September 28

me and bfriend are ttc, but its driving me mad- as we decided i would just come off the pill we wouldnt 'try' as in calculate ovulation etc we would just let nature take its course, its driving me mad cause my fella is taken such as laid back approach so i have no one to get excited with. i was due on my period on the 23rd sept still not come on, but have had pinkish discharge when i wipe today, could this be implantation bleeding?


To char - September 28

Yes it could be implantation bleeding. Most women get it before or around the time of their period, but you could have ovulated later then you normally do and it's just now implanting. Good luck to you!!


confused - September 28

thanks for your help becca. i took an hpt today that came up negative. so it was just an early period that i experienced. good luck to everyone that is ttc!


MissVegasLynn - November 13

Hi. I am ttc. I have a regular period, it is always on the same day every month. This time, I started bleeding a week early. It started yesterday and was a brownish color with pink. Today, It got heavy and was brown, pink, and red. It has gotten a little lighter tonight. Is it possible I am pregnant or am i getting my hopes up? I took a EPT pregnancy test since my period should start in 5 days now, but it was negative.


Lilyawna - November 14

Does everyone get this? I think I may be pregnant. Did a test at doctors just because I was thinking,and I was already there for a checkup.Came back bfn..but that was only 1-3 days missed now 6-8 days missed....could I have possibly missed the spotting/not noticed it?


Tarianna - November 14

Lilyawna---you don't ALWAYS get implantation bleeding, some women do, some women don't!


Samantha_Mac - March 25

hello everyone...I have an issue that I hope someone can help me with!!! I had my last real period on Feb. 11 and it was the usual 5 day heavy thing!! I was due again on March 9 but I ended up starting two days early and the period and slight cramps lasted for only a day!!! Then it was gone and two days after that I started very light brown spotting for two days!!! so..Is this implantation bleeding or what??? If I calculate from that one day period, I am due again for a period on april 4!!! My husband and I are ttc and have been for almost a year, I am really hoping it is the implantation bleeding!!! please give me some advice if you can!!! Also...If I am pregnant, I would be around 6 weeks right now!!!


trying4ababygirl - March 26

Hi shanny, I am currently 8 weeks pg and I experienced implantation bleeding.My lmp was on 1/31/08 and I noticed pink spotting off and on from 2/14-2/17 and then for an hour off and on, on 2/18..then it did get kind of heavy the 2nd day (dk red) but mostly spotting...I missed my period on the 2/24 but didn't test positive until 3/6...


BeckyBunny - March 26

I had it ONLY with my first PG. 3 days before AF was due, just intermittent for a day (maybe 2, can't recall), and it was pinkish and brown, and only when I wiped.


browneyes888 - March 27

If you think it was implantation bleeding, test in a few days. With my son, I didn't have anything, no signs or anythin, I just tested for the heck of it cuz we were ttc and I was pee stick obsessed! lol With my daughter, I had cramping around 4 dpo and a bit of pinkish/brownish spotting (which EVERYONE told me was too early for implantation)...well they were so wrong because a few days later I took a test and it was positive!! (I had a positive result about 10 days before my period was due).....everyone told me that implantation couldn't occur until at least 6 dpo...there are exceptions!! So reguardless, implantation can occur before your period or around the time your period is due (approximately 6 to 12 dpo is the norm)...implantation can range from light pinkish spotting to a bit heavier, not much though. It will be a lot lighter than a normal "period" and would be brighter in color and no blood clots..... like I said, if you think it was implantation, within 4 or so days you should be able to take a test....your hcg lever should be doubling everyday and most home tests are between 25 and 50 if you start out at a 4, then its 8, 16, 32, 64... you get the picture......


KayLynn - March 28

I'm in a similar situation. I don't know what to think because I've been disappointed before. LMP was 3/3. I don't know when I o'd because I haven't started charting yet, but regular trips to the bedroom like every other day this month. (newly married :P). On the 22nd I had a little pink when I wiped, then nothing until today the 28th. More pink when wiping, but so far nothing else. I've been cramping on and off since the 24th. I'm due for my period on 4/3. I'm very regular with my pd, and I have never had any kind of spotting or cramping before the day of my period. I don't know if I should wait to test until I get my period or what. I will keep updating.


lilian - April 2

I am very regular with a 28 day cycle. this month my period was late 6 days followed by what started as light to heavy bleeding and only lasted about 2.5 days. normally it last 5 days. i had s_x on my fertile day. I took a hpt before i began to bleed but it was neg. could this be implantation bleeding?


Question - April 24

Please help, my fiance an i are ttc an on the 14th to the 19th (wound there) i was supose to have ovulated. We attempted each of those days. Now a week later i have had a few very mild cramping with a discharge i have never seen before. First it was a thick white mucas and followed by a brown/pink (mostely brown) mucas. I am not due for my period untill around the 9th of may and i have had this discharge goin on day 3. I am feeling fatigue but it also could be from work. Also following a day after my last possible day of ovulation i experienced a watery type liquid discharge. Has anyone else experienced this watery discharged following a brown mucas a few days later?



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