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Imadreamer - October 28

Hi everyone, I'm starting this thread because recently I have felt that I was pregnant due to having a lot of the symptoms but received two negative pregnancy tests and had some light bleeding around the time of my period, however the symptoms have continued and I still 'feel' pregnant, something that has never happened to me before. Because of this I have spent many (many!) hours on the internet looking for advice from other women. I have found numerous posts where people tell their stories and explain their symptoms, but they never come back with a result, leaving women like me to wonder what happened. I was hoping that any women who have experience 1) false negative pregnancy tests 2) bleeding (implantation or other) would be kind of enough to tell us your story and your result. PLEASE only post if you have a result, as I have found myself trawling through numerous posts only to read more and more stories but never any outcome. I would be so grateful to any of you who could do this. I have a doctor's appointment, but I feel like doctors never know our bodies as well as we do, that's why I would really appreciate hearing stories from women like myself. I know I'm not crazy and I just would like to know if anyone else has been through the same and what the outcome was. Thanks again and baby dust to all! xoxo


BAllen - October 28

Hi, Imadreamer...My name is Brandi and have been doing the same as you. (Looking for some advice and or stories)I to have been having many pregnancy symptoms. I already have 3 girls but have been trying to conceive for 2 years. My husband and I recently lost our twins at 13 weeks in August 2009. My symptoms are.......severe to mild cramping on and off, frequent urination ( which I already do!), headaches, twinges in lower abdomen, sharp shooting pains in b___st on and off, hard core tiredness ( dont feel like even getting out of bed)and lower back cramps. Sooooo, I have taken many pregnancy test in which all the been negative! So now I am just waiting, my period is due tomorrow so we will see. Good luck to you. I also have a doctors appointment for Monday. Baby dust to everyone! P.S. I am an insulin dependent diabetic. So who knows. Brandi


BAllen - October 30

Well my AF was due yesterday and no sign of her still. All pregnancy test are negative. Looks like I might have another irregular cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed for all those still awaiting their BFP's!!!! Good Luck!


icelandmommy - November 14

I've got three results for you hon, ive got three beautiful babies even though the hpt's all said negative at first, with my first two i had numerous negatives and a__sumed i wasnt pregnant until i went to the er for cramping (not heavy but i had no clue, basically they were my uterus stretching) when I was 3 and 4 months. My last baby I was 2 months, the first test said positive, barely, and then the next two said solid negative, so I a__sumed I wasnt pregnant even though I never had a "real" period (I have irregular cycles anyways) but when my period didnt come the next month I retested and finally got a positive. So I hope that helps, dont want to give false hope, but it can happen, those hpt's are not perfect at all and they can give false negatives, not all women have the same hcg levels, mine have always been on the lower side, as you can see below if your levels fall below the 25 required by an hpt you might not get a positive until you are further along. # 3 weeks LMP: 5 - 50 mIU/ml # 4 weeks LMP: 5 - 426 mIU/ml # 5 weeks LMP: 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml


BAllen - November 14

Well all those symptoms and AF arrived on the 30th of October. So guess we will continue our BDing in hope of that little blessing. Good luck to everyone!


Imadreamer - November 14

Thank you for your post Icelandmommy. That was so helpful! I'm sorry it didn't happen this month Brandi-but just keep positive. It WILL happen! :o) I'm waiting for my next cycle to start in a few days, so I'll update and see how it goes. Best wishes for everyone. xoxo


rms421 - November 30

i had my period last week, regular and on time,..two times after the period ended, i have had s_x and would bleed when i went to the bathroom. not heavy enought to be a period, but i had thought it was just leftove from my period. anyone ever have this?? i hope its not cysts? i dont know how serious and treatable these are? any advice? i was hoping, slim chance, i know--that it could be a preg symptom..



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