Calling Naomi98

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annmarie - July 16

Hey girl! I here we're still on the same path! I wanted to check your ff page but lost your address! That would be great if we both got BFP's this month along with Regan. I get a progesterone level drawn tomorrow. I'm not super optimistic about things though. I haven't been having much luck even ovulating. And the nurse wasn't real sure if there were even any sperm in the syringe when they did the IUI. So it's all up in the air. I am feeling very bloated today so maybe that's a good thing! Good luck and I'll check back for your addy!


babynewbie - July 16



Naomi98 - July 16

OMG, annmarie, I know, too funny. I looked at your chart and laughed out loud when I saw the day of your IUI. My chart is home/1d0dc9 but there's not much to see cos I'm not temping during the 2ww - makes me too crazy! I'm a bit like you, very cautious right now. I only had one mature follicle, even on Clomid, so the Dr said that really reduces the chances. If this round doesn't work, I'll increase to 100mg. Don't worry about the ovulating - I'm sure with a trigger shot it would have happened. You'll know for sure when you get your results. But I'm shocked at the nurse not being sure there were sperm in the syringe. WTF kind of stupid thing is that to say? What did she think was in there?! We got a report with the prewash and postwash numbers. And our sample was only 0.5ml too - that's normal. I'll bookmark your chart again and keep and eye on it though. Here's hoping for two bfps!


Naomi98 - July 20

bump :-)


Naomi98 - July 20

Hey annmarie, I just looked at your chart - great progesterone result! I guess you ovulated then :-D Your chart looks good so far. I'll probably test on Friday if there's no spotting before then. Fingers crossed for the both of us!!


annmarie - July 22

Hey girl! I've been stalking your chart. I plan on testing on Friday too. That is if I can hold out that long! I don't have quite the urge this cycle though. I'm too afraid of another BFN. Yes my progesterone was great! I was very excited about that! I'll be keeping an eye on you!! Oh yeah, if I do end up with a BFN, I will see the RE on the 30th and probably start injects so I'm excited about that! Good luck!



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