Can A Bed Fit In The Bathroom

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Ally - February 6

Let me explain the t_tle. I am now 4 days past af. I have no pains like I am beginning to start. I had a period last month but it lasted only a few days, a lot less than usual. For the past month probabaly, I have been so sleepy. It is nothing for me to be in bed by 8. I am so bloated that if you p___ked me with a straight pin, I think that I would just flood a room. I am so sleepy and yet I cannot stay out of the bathroom. I laid down tonight and within 1/2 an hour, I went to the bathroom 3 times. I was told that maybe this was a urinary infrecction, but I have had lots of them and I don't have any other symptoms. We have been ttc for a long time now and I don't want to read too much into this but does anyone have any advice. I didn't think that if it was an infection, that would prevent af from coming would it? Anyway, I would like to go to bed but I am afraid that once I lay down, I will have to go back to the bathroom, it seems that my bladder keeps filling up after I lay down. Thanks for any help and advice. I really appreciate it...


Lucy - February 6

First of all, I love the t_tle of your post! It sounds as though you do have alot of the pregnancy symptoms. A shorter and/or lighter bleed around the time of your af can be implantation bleeding. Another sign would be the constant need to pee. If you have ruled out possible infection, then the likelyhood could be that you are pregnant, especially since you've missed your period. If I were you, I'd wait until you're a week late and then do a test. Best of luck! x


hope it helps - February 7

i'm not sure about much so i'm sorry i cant answer anything, but i do have some what of a suggestion about your night time annoyance. do what you normaly do all day long. then after about 7 or 8 (about 2 hours before bed) stop drinking any fluilds and if you feel up to it eat a paice of bread before bed to soak up any liquid. i had the same bathroom problem when i was pregnant and this is what i did. it work pretty well. but if you are a weight consious person dont eat the bread. i didnt gain any weight from doing so, but you never know. everyone is different. GL



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