Can A Cold Be A Sign Of Conception

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Pipa - February 17

I am due around the twenty fifth of this month and had s_x twice during ovulation. For some reason the day or so after that I was kinda cramping but not so it hurts, just lightly. I have been doing this off and on ever since. I usually cramp alot the day or so before AF and the day of but I don't think this is usual for me. I'm really tired and came down with a lot of cold symptoms but no fever and have an off appet_te. I don't know if my symptoms are due to a real cold or if my body could be having a response to implantation? I've heard of this happening to someone before but only one person. I''ve done one Dollar Tree test but it was too early and I threw it away right after the negative came up (didn't realize that a faint BFP can sometimes show up within the next 5-8 min). I want to be pregnant so badly but this is only our first month so I'm trying to be realistic. So my question is, has anyone heard of getting a cold with conception or have I just picked up a bug? Any thing would help!


cloverpatch - February 17

I am due for AF on the 25th as well - I don't want it at all! I have had SO many symptoms it's driving me crazy. I've had the 'cold' symptoms, I too am wondering if it's linked with being prego. I also have sore b___sts, headaches, cramping, change in appit_te, tired a LOT, BAD heartburn which I never get! Nausea, peeing a LOT.......I can't stand waiting to test I'm going crazy here! I don't know IF I actually am prego or if it's all in my head. I'll wait with you Pipa till the 25th!


LIN - February 17

If your period is not due until the 25th, then you are at most 6 dpo right now. Implantation does not typically occur until 7-10 dpo, and pregnancy symptoms start sometime after that, so you would not feel any symptoms of pregnancy yet. It is much more likely that your symptoms are those of ovulation.



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