Can A Dr Be Wrong

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Melissa - April 10

I hope this is not tooo long, I missed my period two weeks ago and took two home test that were +, went and had a blood test and it was -. I was talking to my SIL and she said that her blood test said - and she was really pregant. I went to dr and he said my uterus was not soft so he did not think I was pregant. I have never missed my period except when I was pregant. I have been having all the signs of being pregant. He gave me a pill to take to make me have a period but if I am really pregant, it makes me loose the baby. I know dr's can be wrong because my last pregancy, i told them I was carring twins and they would not listen to me till I was 9 weeks along and they thought I was having a appendix (sp?) and when they went in, they found the other baby. I ended up loosing it, but kept one. Has anyone else ever had a blood test say - but were actually+? I do not want to take that pill and think I should just let my body start if I am not pregant. What do ya think?


to Melissa - April 10

Go to a diffrent doctor.. I have a female love her to death she listens so well and never b__w me off. She know it is my body and I know it better than anyone eles..Take another home test and consult another dr. I don't think anyone would get three false positives


Skyla - April 10

If you want this baby i would deffinetly not take this "PILL" the doc prescribed. Make sure you are not prg 1st.


Melissa - April 11

Does anyone know if the tast of metal is a sign of being pregant? I do not remeber having it with my fist two, but had the taste today. Just woundering


Jessica - April 11

yes Melissa the taste alot of women on here talk about a metallic taste in their mouth good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 12

It's a puzzle that you would get positive home tests followed by negative blood test. I think I would take another urine test to convince myself that the lab messed up the blood work. And I agree, let your body decide. Good luck!


bump - April 13



char - April 13

yeh, agree w the others tat u shd seek another doc's opinion. DO NOT take the "Pill" until all is confirmed. Gd luck!



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