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ndd122 - January 30

Can your gyno tell if you are prego right away during an exam before HCG levels are high enough to be detected? I was in the gyno office this morning for lower abdomen pain (which turns out most likely to be a cyst) but, I am hoping I am also prego this month. I ovulated around the 24th. Would he have been able to tell if there was implantation happening? Or would something different be going on "down there"? I'm curious, because he said "What to see if you miss your period" Just asking for opinions!!


ndd122 - January 30

anyone have any clue?! thanks :-) waiting sucks


Patti - January 31

No, your gyno could not detect implantation or even very early (4week) pregnancy. Waiting does suck, but you'll have to wait another week to take an hpt. Sorry. Good luck to you!


ndd122 - January 31

thanks, I apperciate your response!!!!


Grandpa Viv - January 31

The doc did not give you a firm opinion because 7dpo is too early for anyone to tell. Since the pain began around ovulation time, he is thinking cyst, which would make pregnancy unlikely. The cyst may give you signs similar to pregnancy. I have heard from European sources that ultrasound can now detect pregnancy as early as a few weeks gestational. Good luck!


ndd122 - January 31

My doc said that many woman get preggers with cysts and not to be alarmed with cysts and trying to concieve. hmmmmm will have to check with him on that. They are not sure its a cyst for sure until the ultrasound is done next tuesday. Thanks!


oz - February 1

hey ndd122 my friend got pregnant with a cyst. She didnt actual know she had a cyst unitl she was about 6 weeks preg and had some spotting. She went to the dr fearing the worst and had a US which showed it was the cyst. She had to be monitored during the preg to make sure it was all ok and it was. She hs a beautiful little 1 year old girl. Good luckxx



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