Can Af Suddenly Change

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help - October 31

I have had periods that last for 5 days for over the past ten years. My last two periods have only lasted 2 days!!! Can they just suddenly change or could something be going on??


help - November 1



Caitlin - November 1

I'd like to know the answer to that as well. My af suddenly went from 7 days (2 very heavy, 1 heavy, 1 moderate, 1 light, 2 spotting with clots on heavy days) to 3 days (1 heavy, 1 light, 1 spotting no clots). The change occurred around the time I was trying to get pregnant. But the dr says I'm not pregnant. He also says I'm not premenopausal. But he can't tell me what's going on. What makes my situation even weirder is that I've been having pregnanct symptoms including a swollen abdomen and colostrum. What's happening!


help - November 1

Hey Caitlin. Did your dr. do a preg test? If so what kind, urine or blood? I am tempted to take a home test but dont have any preg symptoms. Just a little wieght gain and lots of headaches, and my b___bs look bigger but dont hurt.


Jenn - November 1

I was experiencing the same thing - along with the length of days of my periods being shorter the days in a month are now anywhere from 28 - 35 which is new for me. I went to the doctor last week she said that my age plays a huge factor (36 years). Just to be on the safe side she ran some tests (1) egg count to make sure I had enough stored; (2) follicles (like the nose hair - apparently that plays a huge factor) along with some other tests. Everything is perfect she said - it's just a matter of age but as long as all my tests are perfect I'll have no problems getting pregnant - Maybe you should ask your doctor to run some blood tests.


Caitlin - November 2

My doctor did a urine test for pregnancy, but it came out negative. He also ran some blood tests to rule out other causes (such as thyroid and menopause) which also came out negative. He did an internal exam as well. He will not do an u/s because all the tests came back negative for problems. But I know something is going on.



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