Can An Ultrasound Be Wrong

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shimmer - October 16

I’ve posted this before on other sites and I think this site, but didn’t get any good feedback if any at all. I’m really hoping someone can help me. I think I put too many details in my posts, but I’m hoping for an answer. In August had pelvic ultrasound performed, a transabdominal (done NPOx12 hr, not per protocol) and a transva___al. Test ordered as result of severe back/abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and lightheadedness. Two urine test: 1st test normal (but it was just a urine test to check for bladder infection, not pregnancy test). 2nd test ordered was a urine and urine culture. At f/u visit as standard procedure stated: “Results suggest gross contamination/inappropriate handling. Repeat 10000 CFU per ml Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B). CDC recommends pregnant women w/group B Streptococcus bacteriuria receive intrapartum chemoprophylaxis.” Bloodwork showed low red cell count. Doctor felt no need to repeat tests, states both tests are normal. Previous ultrasounds (from a few years ago) showed a fibroid in the uterus and a retroverted uterus. U/S last month showed a retroverted uterus, but no fibroids. The measurements of my uterus has increased from previous U/S (5.0 x 6.7 x 7.5 cm with a fibroid in the uterus) and now my uterus measures 11.7 x 5 x 6.8 cm without a fibroid. U/S also mentioned that there was fluid in right adnexa and cul-de-sac. At follow-up appt a pelvic exam was done and it was noted that my uterus is enlarged and irregularly shaped. I was informed informed that heavy bleeding experienced could be miscarriage or ectopic if were pregnant, but as stated to me, we will never know. I was also told that right now they can only speculate, but there is no answer to exactly what is wrong with me. I was informed to follow-up with another physician due to his expertise… Since that visit, my papsmear results normal. I went to see the other doctor who gave me no answer nor was he interested in me. He did note that my uterus was enlarged and tender that’s about it. I have read sites on the internet that states that that with transva___al ultrasounds, it is difficult to see if there is something in a retroverted uterus, but that transabdominal would be the better ultrasound for retroverted uterus. I have also read that in a retroverted uterus, sometimes an embryo may not be seen until 12 weeks. Due to the fact that my test was not done per protocol, I don’t know what to think and the doctor that I saw is not willing to have it repeated. If the fibroid tumor is gone and no embryo seen on ultrasound, then I don’t know what is causing this. But again, due to the fact that the test wasn’t done per protocol, there is no way to really tell if the fibroid is gone or if I am pregnant. The doctor isn’t denying that there is something that doesn’t quite “add up” with my uterus (after comparing the ultrasound with previous ultrasound and performing the pelvic exam), so I know this isn’t all in my head, but it is very frustrating not knowing. I feel movement in my pelvic area. Sometimes a fluttery feeling and at other times it feels like a tightening or “balling up/squeezing” feeling in my uterus. Sometimes it causes severe nausea. My stomach is so bloated and has not gone down. My weight is average, it is just my stomach. I can wear a size Small, but the problem is my stomach. I can’t get it around my stomach. If I buy a size M/L, it is too big in the leg, but at least my stomach has comfort. I have to buy larger shirts to give my stomach room and if I wear things that go around my belly (around the pelvic area and also certain positions, like bending over forward when sitting, causes that uterus to feel “out of control”, there is so much movement. When I was pregnant before, the baby didn’t like certain positions and move constantly and this is how it feels now. I also felt my baby early, although people would tell me that it is too soon and I’m experiencing all of this. I’m so sorry this is so long, but I really need some comfort or suggestions. Please help.


BrendaW - October 16

I would suggest a new doctor and a secondary ultrasound done.


mjvdec01 - October 17

I think you need a new doctor! A fibroid DOES NOT MOVE! Be and advocate for your self and find an OB that will listen to you. You sound Pregnant to me. I have a daughter who is almost two and I remember that fluttering feeling. It would also make sense that you would feel movement early if you are a small person because there is less fat to absorb it. Was a blood test for Pregnancy done? If not you should have a quant_tative HCG blood test. This test will give you an actual number that will tell you if you are pg or not. Make sure you ask for Quant_tative and they don't do a qualitative. Also remember that the level builds in your blood first and at a certian level(which is different for everyone) it then spills over into the urine. I have to go to bed now but I'm looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow. My name is Mandi.


shimmer - October 17

Thank you Brenda and Mandi. Mandi, in response to your comment, no they did not do a blood pregnancy test. The only blood tests that were run were Chem 7 and CBC, which is standard procedure for the clinic I go to. When I told the last OB/GYN doctor that I feel movement, his words to me were "You're not pregnant". He tried to tell me it was my bowels moving, but I know the difference between bowels moving and the feeling in my uterus. My own a__sumption is he based his opinion upon the ultrasound. Also, there really is no conclusive urine test from the physician's office, because again the 1st urine test was not tested for pregnancy, the 2nd urine test, which included cultures was mishandled… and should be repeated per the lab, but the doctor’s office sees no need to repeat the test. It is really hard trying to explain my stomach. When it started getting big, people would ask if I’m pregnant, I’d say no and I’d get the looks as if I’m lying. One person told me I was in denial and to this day still insists I’m pregnant. I’ve actually stopped answering people’s questions. I try to avoid people now and cover myself, which isn’t easy at work and at my place of worship. Even my child keeps asking me if I’m pregnant and says my stomach is big and it looks like I’m pregnant. It’s so frustrating, that is why I hadn’t gone to another doctor yet. I just can’t deal with the feeling of being “brushed off”. I will take your advice though and find another GYN and ask for the test you suggested. Hopefully, I’ll get answers, in the meantime, I’ve been trying to take a multivitamin and keep healthy, just in case I am pregnant. I’ve also been reading about herbal treatment, mainly herbs for the uterus and the nausea. This way if I am pregnant, the baby will be healthy. The only time I have ever experienced the symptoms I’m experiencing now, is when I was pregnant, but even if it was something else, I would think that the doctor's should be willing or at least trying to find out what that is going on. Thank you so much for reading my post, I know it was long, but I needed a "well-informed" answer. Also, thanks for responding and listening to me.


mjvdec01 - October 17

I am so sorry. Find a female OB - men think they know everything, and at times can be down right stupid. What would be the harm in indulging you. If you are intimidated, I think you should take the most outgoing friend you have to the appt with a new doctor with you. That way you have someone on your side from the start. I would go with you, but I'm in Seattle. Remember that whatever is happening is happening in your body and no one knows your body better than you. You have to stand up for yourself and demand that someone listen to you.


mjvdec01 - October 17

as far as people asking... if you don't know them tell them you are PG- that way you don't feel like you have to hide it and besides- you may be.


mjvdec01 - October 17

If you would like to talk on the phone let me know.


shimmer - October 18

Thanks Mandi. Your offers put a smile on my face. I do think you are right about getting a female OB/GYN. I do believe this may make a difference in the treatment/diagnosis, whether I'm pregnant or not. I believe many times, when it comes to female issues, we as women are treated as if it is "in our heads" and get "brushed off". I will post once I find out what is wrong with me. I've been on this site and other sites reading experiences that sound similar to mine. Usually, I'm quite excited to see the outcome, but what I have found is that the "conversation" stops before giving the person states their diagnosis. It is an ongoing conversation until the person states they have an appointment, then I can't find anything else relating to the outcome or final diagnosis. I’m only referring to situations that are similar to mine. So once I get a definite answer, and it may take some time, I'll make sure I post it just in case someone has a similar issue. Thanks again for listening.



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