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stillhoping - July 7

Hi everyone. I have a question...When I was 16 (i am now almost 21) I had an abortion, After I had it i was in alot of pain for about 2 weeks. My periods have never been odd or anything other then the fact that they are never bright red only brown and thick. (sorry tmi I know) I was wondering if maybe they Messed up (in your opinion) because I am ttc right now But not having any luck and when I look back I probably should Have been Pregnant a few times in the past. thank you for your advice. and good luck to everyone trying


Grandpa Viv - July 7

I think you will find pro-life and pro-choice have conflicting opinion on this. If you are finding conception difficult for whatever reason, the first action should be to get scientific with temperature charting ( and checking cervical position and mucus. If you are not successful inside a year, then a fertility specialist might be able to help. Good luck!


jue - July 7

Hi, I was trying for 3 yrs before I stayed pregnant, I am now 12 weeks. If I was you I would listen to granpa viv as he has always put us on the right road. he helped me to keep ttc even after I had 15 miscarriages. I believe every woman has the right to choose for herself about her own body. you wont get grief from me about your past. good luck. and give yourself a year before seeing a specialist. hugs and babydust


rhamel - July 7

How long have you been ttc? I have heard that sometimes after an abortion there can be scarring that can make it difficult to conceive in the future, I'm nowhere near as knowledgable as a lot of other people on this forum I just wanted to pa__s on some info that I heard. Maybe you could see your gyno and they could tell if you have abnormal scarring or something?


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 7

Let me tell you this..when i was 22 i had an abortion..for reasons like the dad was a psycho..and it wasnt the right environment..for a child ...anyways 2yrs later i had a babay and ttc #2..i didnt have much pain afterwards but everyone is to your doctor ask him/her to check it out...good luck


Danielle26 - July 7

According to a lot of research unless you had an abortion before 1973, which is impossible for you, the chances of messing up anything are very low. I agree with the others. Wait it out a year before calling a specialist. Good luck.



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