Can Anyone Answer Me This Please

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Natpink - June 29

I had my last period on the 11th may and i havent had anything since appart from on the 5th june i had pinkish blood which lasted a day and the second day very slight brown then nothing, i have taken 2 hpt and both ( - ) so i really dont know whats wrong could i be pregnant or what i just dont know, any input would be a great help thanks.


TOGIRL - June 29

i think maybe you should do a follow up with your doc and get a bhcg test to rule out preg then he him or her to rule out out any other potential problems


TOGIRL - June 29

get* not he


slowpoke01 - June 29

i agree with togirl go to your doc and have them do a blood test some women are pregnant for awhile before hpt's will show it in their urine but a blood test will be more accurate and you will know for sure


Natpink - June 29

Thanks so much, i just didnt no what to do for the best, i know this sounds silly but i felt that it wasnt really important enough to go to the docs, but i am going to take your advise and make an oppintment. thanks again x


sarahd - June 29

yes definitely go to the doctors! There's some women on this forum even who didn't get a positive hpt until 10 weeks. It could just be stress, but if you're pregnant you need to know so you can start prenatal care. Good luck Natpink! Are you ttc?


Natpink - June 30

Hi sarahd, yes i am ttc have bin for about a year now so fingers cross really. thanks for your input on the situation. x


Lin - June 30

I don't want to get you down, but keep in mind that your period could also be late for other reasons. Either way, your doctor should be able to let you know why. My period was late once since I've been trying (though only a few days), and my temp was still up at 18 dpo. It turned out that it must have been due to an ovarian cyst, because I never got a positive test, and my period started a few days later. Definitely get that blood test!


Natpink - July 3

Hi everyone who has givin me advise on here for the past few days, but i would just like to share that i took a test today and got a BFP!!!. Thanks for all your support.


Grandpa Viv - July 3

Congratulations, Natpink. Pink and brown spotting in the week before your period is due is often the description of implantation. Have a happy 18.75 years!


staci - July 3

congratulations nat!



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