Can Anyone Describe Hw Cm Looks When Ur Pregnant

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n - May 12

help ..i have noticed a thickening in's even whiter..can you tell me what this means


aimee - May 12

thick and pasty. color is usually white.


Grandpa Viv - May 12

Clear or creamy is what the book says. Ladies here describe it as "lotiony", "wet down there", or "running to the bathroom thinking AF is coming". If it gets too thick you might want to worry about yeast. It likes the changes in v____al chemistry that come with pregnancy. Good luck!


n - May 12

i actually had an think i had an infection recently...sat when me and my hub was having s_x it was hurting real bad..but that was 5 days you think it could be pregnancy?Back hurtin..nipples sensitive..3 wks late?


sally - May 13

alot of us are trying to find out the answer to this question..preggo ladies please answer for us


sweetheart - May 13



meg - May 13

when I found out I was preg., my cm was creamy and WHITE and staining my underwear. But not like when I ovulate different than that


Pattie - May 19

I too am looking for the answer to this question. I realize from reading forum after forum that every woman is different, but I can tell you that last month, I was only wet, like I peed (watery wet), this time is looks like milky white lotion, not too much, but enough to notice. I didn't have this last month or the months before. My b___sts hurt only when you poke your finger on them. AF not due till 5/26-27. Good Luck ladies and ***Baby Dust*** to all.


Kelly - May 19

How soon could you notice the white mucus?


kate - May 20

i am also getting the white--chalky mucos---but not alot just a tad....i have to really LOOK for it...every once in a while i run to the bathroom because i feel af has arrived but nothing. i am due anyday. but i dont have alot of this wetness and discharge. we have been this a good sign or normal--but never really pai attention to it in the past ---???


shelly - May 20

yeah u all am getting it to but i dont no if am pregnant or not. my stomach is hard i reali nd to no i dont have much signs of sickness or sore nipples is there any chance,,, i need to no sum 1 help////


Trooper - May 20

Could be a sign of pregnancy. I definitely had it a week after I ovulated. It was to the point where twice I ran to the bathroom because I thought it was AF. And it wasn't. It was a creamy white discharge. And I know it's not a yeast infection. I've had plenty of those to know the difference.


kim - May 20

Luekoria is a creamy white discharge women get throughout their pregnancy. It increases as the pregnancy progresses, sometimes becoming heavy enough for a panty liner. I have 2 kids and experienced this pretty heavy later in both of my pregnancies, but not real noticeable early on. This is a sign of pregnancy.


Meghan - May 20

I started getting this type of CM about 3 or 4 days before I foung out I was pregnant. So that was about 12 DPO


withbump - May 20

Hi... I'm 14 weeks pregnant and the discharge changes a few days before AF were due were the biggest sign.... There was just more than normal and it was almost like milk in consistency... Hope this helps



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