Can Anyone Help Me

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Trish - April 17

I am suppose to start b/c today cuz doc said to start them the sunday after AF, the prob is that I have not had my cycle in 3mths until some spotting lastnight and can I tell of it is AF or spotting in pregnancy, my tests have been neg but not uncommon for me I dont normaly get pos tests....If I am what will the B/C do if I am preggers???or is it safe to say I am prob not ????


Gabrielle - April 17

if i were you i would deffinately not take any bc pills yet is there anyway you can get a blood test done? or try forcing it upon the doctors to give you an ultrasound?


liz - April 17

I have that same problem and keep getting neg. urine tests. I have not had a normal period since Nov. and been spotting off and on in March and this month. Do not know what to think? Right now I am having back pain,pelvic pain, diarrhea, and a little spotting(Have not had spotting in 4 days). It gets better when I walk.


what i was told - April 17

I was told that the pill will not hurt the baby, even got a second opion because I thought that dr was crazy, but the other dr said that it would not hurt either. If you do not want a baby, I would go ahead and start taking them that way you don' t get pregant. I was told the purpose of the pill was not to get pregant and it would have not effect on the baby. I was also told that even it was a little spot, to start taking it that next sunday. Your dr's office should have a dr on call that will call you back and you can ask them. Let us know what they say.


Trish - April 17

I am having the pelvic pain and it is also better when I walk, I dont know whats up with that...but it is starting to drive me nuts I wish I would just have a normal AF or I could find out for sure Im preggers.I think at this point I dont care anymore as long as I know something for sure, would just be a relief..much love -- Trish


liz - April 17

I laid down for about 30 minutes and that helped alot with the pain. I will probably go to the dr.(outpatient services) because I really felt a kick on my left side. It is bad not knowing. I do not think it is anything else.


Trish - April 18

I laid down for a bit today it helped some.....let me know how it going at the doc if you dust!!!!


louise - April 18

liz it sounds like your really pregnant and could be four or five months along. start your prenatal vitamins right away if you havent. is your tummy protuding (soem peoples dont till month 6.), go and get a scan becauseyou need to know.



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