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~m~ - February 19

Hi all! I just found out I'm preggo! YAY! My doc's office put me on 200 mg Prometrium 1 x a day at bedtime. That's a progesterone hormone right???? He said it will help "hold" the pregnancy since I have a history of miscarriage. Anyone ever used this, or know anything about it? Any success stories out there? Thanks!


DODIE - February 19

Congratulations! I'm sorry i can't answer your question but wanted to give you a big CONGRATS!!!! All the best for the future xx


Eve - February 19

Congrats to you!!!!!!!!! I dont know the answer either! Just wants to wish you the best!


~m~ - February 19

Thanks ladies!!


SugarPie - February 19

YAYAYYAAYAYAY!! So happy for you, M!! Conrgats!


~m~ - February 20

Thanks SugarPie!!!! :o) I am so full of excitement! ..............anyone out there know about Prometrium? I took my first one last night, and other than some dizziness, I didn't get sick or anything.


~m~ - February 20

One more question.... can Prometrium mess with a hpt? This morning, a hpt came up a LOT darker than the one Friday... and even one from yesterday. Do you think this is because my hcg is rising like it should, or could the Prometrium be doing it? It's so hard not to be skeptical about EVERYTHING after having multiple miscarriages!


to M - February 20

hi ~m~ i am also on Prometrium, but for me, it's to start my cycles back up - I haven't had one since Nov. I did some reading up on Prometrium, and found that the main uses for it are to prevent miscarriage, for amenhorrea (absence of periods) and something to do with menopause. Mostly it is used for prevention of miscarriage. And yes, it is progesterone. Go to: That has a lot of information about Prometrium and its indications, side effects, warnings, etc. Congrats on being pregnant! Good luck to you!


~m~ - February 20

Thank you! That page is informative!


bump - February 22




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