Can Doctors Be Wrong

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Tracy - June 18

Has anyone out there been told they weren't pregnant by a dr, but later found out they were? Also, has anyone had period like bleeding throughout their pregnancy? I'd really like to know, because I have been told by two drs that I am not pregnant. Neither dr can explain why my br___ts are bigger, my periods are much shorter and ligher than normal or why my veins are more prominant. I would be at about 21 wks, and I have felt movement for the last two weeks. Tonight, it felt like someone was trying to kick their way out. I can't get a dr to do an u/s, since they don't believe I'm pregnant. Help!


hey - June 18

Try the ER. The ER have to to check you. Good Luck!!


misty - June 18

that is a bunch of bull c___p that the doctors wont check you out further ask for a blood test!


!!! - June 18

If i were you, id demand futher tests or u/s and tell them your not leaving the surgery until they can prove to you your not pregnant. You know your own body!!


Grandpa Viv - June 18

Yes, doctors sometimes make mistakes, especially when they rely on tests and nothing else. At 21 weeks the uterus can be felt at the level of the belly b___ton. There should be a heartbeat. Maybe a good midwife or nurse pract_tioner at a pre-natal clinic would give you the once-over and refer you to the doctor as needed. Come back to this same thread and tell us the outcome. Goodluck!


Amy - June 18

I am in the same boat as you Tracey, I have not had a normal period since Jan 1...They have been on time but shorter lighter and diff color and turn brown by the next day......My periods were lasting 6 days for the last 12 years and then now its all changed.....I cant get a doc to take a second look at me, only I have had blood tests back in march. I look very pregnant and my Avon lady asked me when I was due....I told her my story and she said when she was pregnant with her son she was 6mths when she found out. She was having pains and they said it was her appendix they did a U/S to look at it and told her she was preggo, She said for the 1st couple mths she thought she was and had tests and they said neg, She let it go and just blew it off and thought there was NO WAY the docs could be that wrong.....But I guess it happens...I to feel movement and can lay in bed and watch my tummy roll just like I did with my other kids., Is there anymore ideas on how to get a doc to look at you, I dont want anything to go wrong that I could have helped it someone would have helped me before. I feel like I am missing what is suppose to be a happy time instead I spend all my time thinking "well could I be wrong"...But I just dont think so I know how my body feels and I am a heavy person but I still know I dont look like this all the time


PSH - June 18

Tracy - Go to an ER like hey said, tell them you HAVENT had your period but that you had bleeding today and couldn't get in touch with your doctor. They will have to do an US and then you will know for sure. Then SUE the hell out of that stupid doctor for not listening to you. Good luck. Be interested to find out what happens.


Dee - June 18

I feel the same way. Only for me it is family planning telling me I am not cause the urine test gave a BFN. I am doing this to take care of myself. A prenatal vitamin and folic acid (be sure to take that, prevents birth defects). I would be at b/w 17 and 18 weeks myself. So tracy you aren't alone there.



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