Can Figure Out If We Are Please Help

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1sttimefather?? - February 26

Hi, well I'm really the last person I thought would ever be in a forum like this but I could really use some help. My g/f and I have been together for 2 and 1/2 years. About a year ago we began using Nuva Ring birth control. Never had a problem until this month. When It was time to take it out it was not there. The real issue is we don't know when or where it fell out. No Af this month she should have had it 5 days ago if the ring had come out on time. So we are not sure if she didn't get it because she is pg or becuse the ring had something to do with it. 2nd issue...Pregnancy tests, we have taken 2 but we know you are supposed to wait until around time for Af but since we don't know if we were supposed to have all ready had it or if it's coming in another month we don't know if we should trust the bfn's. Last night she had some spotting and we were hoping for Af but this morning nothing. I'm thinking it possibly could be implantation because we are thinking that if we are pg it would have happend 8-9 days ago but I really have no clue. Lastly is it too early to get a blood test at the doctor? We really just want to know. Thanks for the help in advance.


angelinakai - February 26

it could have been implantation. I had implantation bleeding and took a test 3 days later and got a very faint +. I would wait a couple of days and take another pg test. Good luck!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 26

Wait at least 14 and preferable 21 tatking a home test. Good luck!


1sttimefather?? - February 26

Thank you both so much for the advice. I will suggest that we test again in another week. I'll let you know the results! Till then best wishes to the both of you!


1sttimefather?? - February 27

Thanks for the help angelinakai and Gradpa viv! Fortunately Af came this morning so there are no more worries. Hopefully in a few years we'll (my g/f and I) will return to this site as husband and wife and be able to share good news with you until then best wishes in everything life bring you!


Lin - February 27

That's so sweet! Congrats on the news!



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