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Laquisha Williams - October 20

i been off the shot for a month and my br___t are sore and i can see my pregancie line on my stomache


..... - October 20

its nothing dont stress


Julie - October 20

im 3month and 2 weeks and i havnt got a pregnancy line yet...


Laquisha Williams - October 21

then tell me why my nipples are sore and i never had a pregancie line till now


Kelly - October 21

Get some blood test done at the clinic.......


laquisha - October 21

why i need to get some blood test done for how yall knew yall were pregant tell me that cause i think i had s_x on my period so can i be pregant i go to the doctor friday


lola - October 21

some people don't have enough hcg in there urine to pick up pregnancy, so therfor we go to the dr and have a blood test that shows the hcg levels anything higher than 2 is considered pregnant. If you do go to the dr's make sure you get an hcg quanative test. not a qualative test. good luck


laquisha williams - October 25

thanks lola i' m do that because i need to know why my b___st is so sore and why are my nipples look swollen thatnks alot


monique - October 25

i have heard of women being pregnant while on the shot, however you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible. no one knows your body as well as you do. if you have a line on your stomach you must be about 3-4 months. have yourself checked oput as soon as posdsible.


laquisha - October 26

well i m make a dr apt to get a blood test done and my line on my stomach is light and kind of dark


laquisha - October 26

monique was she was on the shot or was she been off the shot for awhile see i been off the shot going on2 months and i don't have b___st cancer do any one know what else can make your b___st hurt beside been pregant if so please tell me i don;t care about having a baby i just need to know


laquisha - November 2

can some one write me back please


. - November 2

see your doctor! we can't tell you anything. you are seeing things if you think you can see that line. it doesn't appear until much later than one month! you're so paranoid!


sanjana - November 2

yes u r pregnant :)


Laquisha Williams - November 3

sanjana why would you say that i' am i m kind of scared i m only 17 years old and this is my last year of course i m be pararoid


Laquisha Williams - November 3

oh yeah i get cramps like i m about to start but i don't and i go back to the doctor thursday at 2:00 p.m.


. - November 3

sanjana is messing with you. there's no way anyone can say you are pregnant based on this c___p. just see what the dr says. the stuff you are saying is kindof silly.



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