Can I Be Pregnant

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Tracy Hodge - August 25

Okay this is how it goes now for the past 2months i been getting my period but i have no camps, and when i don't have it my stomach is aroud that size i get sick in the morning at the same time 2:30am, and sometime i get this feeling like an electric bolt run through my stomach. I can only eat at night, i ben getting back pains and all that stuff but i still have my period.


Karen - August 16

Have you taken a pregnancy test?? or called your doctor? Could be something serious.


Kelly - August 17

Tracy we have the same period.....i had my normal periods on june and july....still waiting for my period this august hopefully not less that a week but i sometimes get headache, nausea, bloated and bubbles in my stomach but im acting like normal.....i dont know if this are just symptons of getting my period in a week or symptons on pregnant but i called the plan parenthood and they said that i cannot be pregnant because i had 2 normal periods already but who knows right.......please update me on this okei....thanks!!!!!!!


Cynthia M. Richards - August 17

I am getting morning sicknessb and a lot of tiredness for about 2 mo. now Please answer my questions, so I can find out what to do.I am a single mom please tell me alot of information about number 1 child baby .I am 1mo.late and 15 days late for my menstral cycle and i have not started yet .


maria - August 25

i have a question.please help and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby but still i cant.i waited after my 8 days after my period and we did it but i dont know if i iam.scare to get the answer negative.cause i i tryed twice and it has come out to negative.


Hannah - September 30

I do have cramps, but sometimes i get sick and i do feel bolts through my stomach and some back pains


Sara - September 30

I have irregular periods and can't be certain . I took four pregnancy tests and they were negetive. I am always tired, I wake up sick in the mornings crave food do these sounds like signs? Can you tell me what you think? Thanks



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