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mini - April 19

My period came on on March 19th and ended March the 23rd and me and my partner did something Aprilthe 9th. Which clearly means my ovulation day is way gone. But here comes April the 19th and no signs of cramps or period? We used a condom but he took it off and their were semen in the bottom, but he didnt ejaculate in me. Could it be a possibility that the remains of semen on his p__s could have got me pregnant. Plus i've been having bad headaches, and nightmares and tiredness.


ditto - April 19

I am exactly like you. My last period was March 19th and ended the 23rd. My bf and I had s_x on March 25 26 27 April 8 9 15 16 and 17. I still have not gotten my period. We used the withdrawl method. I am also like you, I have had headaches, I am always tired and sleepy, I also feel warmer the doctors say my temp is at 99, I can't drink coffee anymore when I used to drink it everyday. I crave chips, lemonade and itallian food and pizza. Am I pregnant?


Helllooooo... - April 20

You both are early -- RELAX and wait a few days - a week and take a test. Good Luck!!


ditto - April 20

my cycle has always been 26-28 days. today is day 33 already. my bf ejaculated inside of me. what's the longest cycle possible? 40 days?


Audrey - April 20

For those with the periods on March 19th your fertile zone would have been March 28 to April 4. Ditto, your partner's sperm might have been extremely healthy and lived long enough for you to become pregnant on your ovulation day. Try using another home test or see your doc.


ditto - April 20

I don't know what's going on with me. I had light pink brownish spotting on monday and tuesday and nothing today. Shouldn't my period have started today if I was spotting for 2 days?


Grandpa Viv - April 20

Ditto, your pink and brown spotting answers the usual description of implantation. This is usually a week or so after conception, so you may have ovulated late and conceived April 11th from s_x April 9th. Try a home test Saturday 30th first pee. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 20

Mini, if he put his p___s back in after taking off the condom, there would have been quite enough s____n left in his urethra to do the job. If you ovulated late this month and are now pregnant, April 30th would be a good time to start home testing. Good luck!


alicia - April 20

Hi, im kinda the same way. my period started 3/19. my bf and i had unprotected s_x 3/25 and 3/27? Im not exactly sure of the two dates but it was about then...(i was on vacation, kinda lost track of the days lol) we then had s_x again 4/9 but we didnt get a chance to umm finish?...sometime last week i believe it was around the 4/12 -15 i had pink discharge..really light. I should have gotten my period today, i know im not really late but i just dont know what the pink spotting was? The only other thing thats been different is that iv had gas,indigestion, and abnormal bowel movements, but thats it. Any ideas?


erica - April 20

Alicia- It sound to me like Implantation bleeding was what you had. Have done a hpt?


ditto - April 20

does implantation bleeding hurt? The spotting I got for the past two days doesn't cause cramps for me at all. Mini and Alicia, do you two have a lot of cm or are you dry?


Jennifer - April 20

I also had pink discharge on the 7th and my period is due today (20th). But I've been spotting all morning so I guess my period is coming. Don't know what the pink dischagge was.


Alicia - April 20

No, I have not taken an hpt because well they arnt that cheap after awhile...and im not really late til tommorow and im giving it til this weekend because its not unusual for me to be a few days late. I was dry and then i noticed yesterday i was like getting wet again down there then my bf and i had s_x last night but he pulled out and today iv been really wet i actually ran to the bathroom a few times to check for my period...thats such an awful feeling...i just started peeing alot...i mean i drink alot of water but i havnt had anything to drink in a few hours and im well still peeing. lol...well good luck everyone i guess we can all just keep checking in and see what happens?


Alicia - April 20

OOps i missed a reading before i posted. sorry...From all the reading iv done on this site implantation generally doesnt hurt at all. The only thing sometimes people feel is when the egg implants but i dont think its that common. I have had like real slight twinges not really cramps but they dont last long...who knows i could wake up tommorow with my af i wouldnt doubt it my body is dumb...


ditto - April 22

mini and alicia has your period come yet? This is day 35 for me and i've had brown spotting for 4 days already.


To Ditto-OMG! How weird! - April 24

Ditto, when I read what you wrote about your last period, I thought that I was reading something that I had written on here LOL. My last "period" or whatever you would like to call it was March 19th and mine also ended the 23rd. (they are normally 7 days) It was not normal either. It was on and off. My bf and I had s_x March 9, 10, 16, and 23, all unprotected using the withdrawal method form of birth control. I was due for my period April 16, but no show yet! I have gotten some advice to test tomorrow morning and I think I will! I too have headaches and I am also very exhausted. I get hotter too-more than usual. Good luck!


Old mom - April 24

Ditto, i really think you had implantation bleeding and are preg. Better home test. You, too, Alicia. Keep in mind that i had a beautiful baby boy at 17 and now he is in college and he is the best thing that could have ever happened to me :)



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