Can I Be Pregnant After My Period

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lani - August 10

i had intercourse on july 4,2004. my boyfriend released inside of me. when i got my period on the 15th of that month it started out like old blood then it got a little heavier with some clumps for a day. Then right after that i had bad br___t pains it hurt to touch them and i had little white bumbs on them. i've also been incredibly tired and i had alot of cravings. i also had to go to the bathroom alot. i have back pains like crazy and i get a pain on my right side at times. my br___ts are getting bigger and feel heavy. when i get upset my stomach feels tight. i get very dizzy whenever i move to much and sometimes after i eat. i also have alot of leg cramping. now for the past three days i can't sleep at night. i need my house to be very cold in order to sleep. i feel very uncomfortable all the time, like i am anxious. today i spotted blood. i also have a odor that i never had before. i feel like my period is coming but the spotting stop. i also feel movements in my stomach. if i stand up to long i feel like i am going to faint. now i don't want to eat anything. my period isn't do until the 11th of this month. is it possible i may be pregnant?


lani - August 9

i am doing like sunny. can someone answer me please.


mc - August 9

it is possible that you are pregnant. you have many of the signs of pregnancy as you still have them because if you do you very well could be pregnant. also you can take a hpt now because it would show up positive now over a month after you had s_x. so just go get an hpt and see!


Helen - August 9

Why have you been so stupid? For goodness sake go on the pill or use condoms in the future. Not only are you risking pregnancy, you're also risking STI's - they are NOT a laughing matter, I can a__sure you. I VERY much doubt you are pregnant. The symptons you describe sound like general PMT. You have had a period and VERY few women have a period during pregnancy.


sunny - August 10

hey girl dont listen to Helen she just tries to be a b___h, i know what you are going through and you know when Your body isnt normal. and yes you could be pregnant even though you have had your period, LOTS of women do!!! just listen to Other people other than Helen!!!!



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