Can I Be Pregnant And Still Get A Regular Period

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Judy - May 29

I had intercourse January 10, but got my period 2 days later (2 weeks too early). Could I still be pregnant or should I have been missing this period? When can one truly feel the first signs of pregnancy? Thanks for any response.


lianne - May 9

i am like that.i have had loads of signs but i still have had my period, but its all mixes up.plz tell us wat u think


chanel - May 10

this is what i want to know


Anna - May 11

Yes. Because your period was due shortly after you had s_x, it is possible that your hormone levels (HCG or HGC) did not reach the level needed in order for your body to register that you are pregnant which is what prevents your period from arriving. You may not get your period on the next go around, however, if you do, do not be alarmed. I would recommend making an appointment with your doctor.


norma - May 20

i would think that you could be pregnant because those signs are not normal


Magen - May 20

Me too i have s_x almost every single day unprotected. And yet every month i have a period, eother to late or too early. what is wrong?


niel - May 29

my girl freind got her period lik a wekk and anhalf late after having unpertected s_x for the first time


claudia - April 7

i got my period for one day and i threw up every morning.can i still be pregnant?


Kayla - April 21

I have a problem too.....i had s_x then the condom broke...i took the morning after pill the morning after. I had my period a week and a hlaf later. But this time its been 4 days late and i still havent gotten it . Is it possible that im pregnant?


shelly - April 21

this message board is aweful about this. no you CANT have a regular period and be pregnant. Some people claim to, but it isnt a 'normal' flow. Once a flow occurs, even if light, it is considered a period. the reason people think they have a period is because they are spotting. make sure you know the difference between a flow and spotting and that will help you determine if you are pregnant.


asw - April 21

shelly...i dont mean to critisize you in anyway, i know that womens bodies are differant, but when i conceived, last time, i did in fact get what i thought at the time was a "normal" period, i had lots of cramping, and clotting, and it was one of my worst periods in a long time, this was followed by brown spotting, and then i was realizing something wasnt right with my body, so i took a hpt and it came up positive, when i went to the doctor they said i was 4-5 weeks pregnant, and that some women just bleed in their first tri-mester, however, i was never told what it was called, but i dont think that based on every womens body being differant you can determine what kind of bleeding someone else is having or could be pregnant, my pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, but i did have a true pregnancy with period like bleeding. judy, i would suggest you go to the doctor and see if you can get a blood test done, because until you know the results, you shouldnt rule out pregnancy entirely so that you can maintain a healty diet. i hope that helps.


Kayla - April 22

but even though i took the morning after you still think that i could be pregnant i got my period after but its been 5 days late now and im starting to get really freaked out


donna - April 22

my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x about two months ago. my period usually comes on the 16th, but it came on the 21st, then it came on the 30th, i took a hpt and it came up negative could i be pregnant


t.t - April 22

Judy Yes, you could still be pregnant even if you had your period 2 days later. Once I had unprotected s_x with my husband on the same day that my period was suppose to come on but it didn't came on that day it came on the next day, 6 weeks later I found out that I was pregnant with our second child.


Aussie - April 23

Kayla_ not to alarm you, but a close friend of mine took the morning after pill and then 9 months later had a baby.


nicole - April 25

can i still be pregnant if if i got my period? it happened to my frined, now i think i might be but i got my period.


mandy - April 27

My friend was on bc and then went off for a week and got her period 4 days early and then found out that she was pregnant. I am also on bc and I got my period 6 days early. I took a hpt and it was negative but I have been feeling extra tired lately and my body has been feeling weird and I know I'm not sick. Could I still be pregnant even though the test was negative?



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