Can I Be Pregnant HELP ME IM ONLY 15

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Shytearia - July 22

One day me and my boyfriend and s_x and he didn't nut in me because we only had s_x for 15 min im not ready tohave nobaby cause my mom just had a baby and taking care of kids is hard i have read the symptoms and it seems that i have all the symptoms HELP IT ME


mad - July 22

ugh another 15 year old girl having s_x when she should be worrying about fashion for next school year. ( IF you even still go to school) Do you think your " b/f" is worrying if you are pregnant or not...NO. he doesnt care. I can a__sure you that. And look at you...worrying you little head off about being pregnant while he is probably out with his friends at the mall or something. Wait and take a test...and think about this while you are waiting...If you are pregnant...WHO would take care of that baby...Not you! You are only 15 and cant get a JOB to provide for the kid. You Mother who just had a baby would have to take on ANOTHER child. think about that next time you have unprotected s_x!


SHUT UP - July 22



mad - July 22

Dont be so mean because she might be pregnant, and I gave her a reality check??? All of the little kids here ( 11-16 year olds ) need a reality check about S_x and pregnancy... I am not trying to be mean to her...I am trying to give her insight on what could happen if she was in fact pregnant. You young people just dont understand...and I dont know If it is the fact that you want to be unruly or you just dont know what could happen. I am sorry if it sounded mean...But its for real of what could happen.


Delena - July 22

Don't panic, because if your constantly worrying about it you can make your body think you are pregnant. If you are pregnant hang in there, it will be ok. Don't end the pregnancy because your not ready, its gonna be hard raising a kid being only 15. But I know a girl that was 16 and had a baby and she stayed in school and raised her baby. She had a hard time but everything turned out ok. I hope for your sake that your not pregnant, but if you are good luck it will be ok.



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