Can I Color My Hair

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LAURA - May 23

i am due for af around the 26 -27 may. but i wanted to color my hair at the salon . my dh and i are ttc. i dont want to take a test until june 1st. i want to wait an extra week after my af is due since i tested early may and it was NEG. so i dont want a fake pos or neg---would it be ok to color my ahir on may 27- or what should i do ??? any suggestions....should i take the hpt? but what if my hcg levels are too low. since af is due that day- i live in italy so there is no 1st response here...any advice ???


to Laura - May 23

Even a more conventional hcg test would detect most pregnancies if you test on the day you are due. I would test, so that you know where you stand..If you know you are pregnant then it's best not to color your hair. I'm not saying it would definitely harm it but I'm saying it wouldn't be recommended. I've heard that blonde shades are generally considered a little safer than dark shades (pregnant or not.)


No One - May 23

Yes it is safe to color your hair when pregnant so yes have at it!!! as long as they are not using anything with amonia in it.


Someone - May 23 it is not 'definitely safe' as long as it doesn't have amonia. Opinions are certainly divided. It's best to stay away from hair coloring during the first trimester because that is a vulnerable developmental stage.


holly - May 23

yes it is safe after the first few months. the only thing that might happen as the color might come out different as your hormones are changing. so just be aware of that otherwise you will be fine!


Licensed cosmetologist - May 23

You can color your hair...the only thing is your hormones will mess with the color anf it may not come out the way you want it.


Jen - May 23

i was asking my hair stylist this and she said it is fine. she has an ob/gyn that comes in and gets her hair colored there, she has 4 kids, and told my girl that it is safe! so color away!


laura - May 24

ok girls---thanks for all your input !!!!!! good luck and lots of baby dust to all !!!!


jen - May 27

i dont knew---my hair dresser never colors hair when a woman is pregnant ? should i color mine? is it safe or not ?



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