Can I Get My Symtoms This Early

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daniell - June 22

Every ones diiferent


Charlotte - June 23

I was 12 days over due on my last period. I came on on the 28th of May, i had s_x on the 29th.My boyfriend came inside me, now i am experiencing tiredness, and the top and bottom my back aches. I am really tired. i have noticed a light brownish mucas/blood when i wipe. Also my legs feel heavy. Am i just being silly, or is there a possiblity that i could be experiencing early signs of pregnancy? Or is it my body playing up again. Is my period due or not?


Mel - June 23

The first day of my menstruation was on June 8, 2004 this month. I started a new pack of birth control pills that very day which was on a Tuesday. My husband and I had intercourse on the 16th of this month which is exactly 8 days after I started my new pack of pills. Well, my husband ejaculated totally in me and we are trying to figure out what the chances are of us being pregnant? We are not trying to get pregnant at this time, but my question is how long do I have to be on the pill before it is safe to have intercourse without protection. I am on Desogen pills if this helps. Thanks soooo much for your time!!!


CeCe - June 27

I had s_x the day after my period. Can I be pregnant?


AMANDA - June 28



justina - June 30

Is stomach pains a symptom of pregnancy?


carrie - June 30

Well for one, You really do sound STUPID, and Yes you can start to have pregnancy symtoms a couple of days after fertilization. You sound very young so I suggest you need to consult an adult of some sort!


Melissa - July 1

I had sez June 13 14 and 15 and i got my period a couple of days after that he busted inside me all those days and i have sharp stomach pains and my breats are bothering me and aching and its only July 1rst?? is it possible that I am pregnant my period only lasted 3 days and it was normal...?? HELP e-mailme at [email protected]


mel - July 4

I am getting some spotting very dark spotting 2 weeks before I am normally suppose to have my period, my b___st are swollen and I tired alot . I have been haveing some abdominal pain as well. Could I be preggy?


sarah - July 7

its hard to say. You could just be paranoid and making yourself think this, but then again unprotected s_x will cause pregnancy. I would definitly go get a test insted of making yourself stressed out about it.


bridget - July 9

when i eat after maybe five minutes i'am hungry again. my stomach is feeling tight


bridget - July 9

i eat a full meal after maybe five minutes later i;am very hungry.and my stomach feel tight.could i be pregant


Baby Cakes - July 9

You most likely are pregnant u kno...sperm stays in the female body for 5-6 days then dies ..if u happened to be ovulating during this time the chances of u being pregnant are great


Anonymous - July 9

Well, i think im just a parnaoid person, but i have never had s_x, and i dont think that a guy has came in me, however i did stuff with someone, but i know he didnt CUM at all. Im a really paranoid person, and i havent had any signs, besides eating a lot, but i have ALWYAS done that and im really tired lately, but thats because i have had a dancing camp for 8 hours during the day where we danec all day, so of course id be tired. I dont feel sick in the morning, i even had my period. I even took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. But its like everywhere i look something abotu babies or being pregnant is there, and it freaks me out! I couldnt be pregnant if I have never had s_x, odnt feel symptoms, had my period, and took a false preg. test...could I?


sandy - July 11



Ruth - July 12

I am in the early stages of pregnancy (6 weeks) but feel although I am due on any minute. I have lower stomach cramps like period pains and wonder whether this is normal or not?



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