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Heather - September 12

I am on BCP and took anitbitotics last month. I am over a week late on my period. I took 2 pregnancy test and they were both negative. However, the week before my period was supposed to start I got a really bad yeast infection and had very light spotting for 2 days. I am wondering if I can still be pregnant even though I had 2 negative test results. i took the first test the day I was late, then I took another one on the 4th day after my period was to start.


Candies - August 25

Heather what were your symptons when you had a yeast infection??? Im so curius....What's BCP?


Candies - August 25

Hi! It's me again....Can a yeast infection delays your period??


Heather - August 25

Hi Candies, Birth control pills. And no a yeast infection cannot delay your period. I have however heard it is a sign of pregnancy. Other signs, everthing smells bad. My lower back hurts, my b___sts are starting to feel tender. I am wondering If I might still start my period.....


Candies - August 25

You know what I heard that some women that are pregnant can get those infection....Iam scared too because im 2 days late already....Im thinking too much and that's probably why i havent got my period yet...It's so stressful....I took pregnancy test on the first day that I missed my period but it came out negative....So I really dont know what to do....I dont have any signs at all except I have headache if I dont eat....Im giving myself two more weeks then I'll call my doctor........Just update me and I will do the same....


April - August 26

Well I took a 'urine' test as I am a__suming you are taking.. 3 days after I was due for my period. It came out negative, yet I still had no period. I went to the doctors and he said that the hcg level can be still low that soon if you are recently pregnant. I was going on 4 weeks pregnant at the time. He took the blood test and sure enough I had a positive. If you still havent gotten your period in a day or so I would go to the doctors and request a blood test, this will ease your mind and they are more accurate than urine tests. May take 48 hours to get the results back, but once they do, you will feel much better. I just read below and noticed you said your lower back hurt.. That was one of my first signs other than the tender b___sts. I knew something was up when my back hurt, that never happend when I was going to get my period. Go get a blood test and let us know how it goes! Hope I helped.


brucen - August 26

You mentioned that you took antibiotics and that because you had a yeast infection you may be pregnant. I am not saying that you are not, but some antibiotics actually cause yeast infections. I am certain that Amoxicillin causes yeast infections in some women. You should do a search for side effects of the antibiotics you were prescribed, consult a pharmacist, or your health care provider.


Katie - August 27

Taking antibiotics stops birth control from working a lot of the time, so YES you could be pregnant. But antibiotics can also cause a woman to skip a cycle. If I were you I'd go to the doctors and get a blood test to find out for sure. and in future if you have a course of antibiotics ALWAYS use condoms at the same tim or don't have s_x. I'm surprised the doctor who prescribed you the antibiotics didn't tell you, I'm always offered free condoms when I have to take antibiotics.


Heather - August 27

April, Thanks for the answer. I am now 13 days late and have had 5 negative tests. I am pretty sure now that I am not. I will wait until my next period is supposed to arrive and f it is late, I will have a blood test. Thanks for the support.


April - August 27

Heather, The tests that you have been taking are they urine? That doesnt sound right if you are 13 days late and are on BC. I wouldnt wait until your next period.. just incase I would get a blood test. It just doesnt sound right.. I was on the pill and took antibiotics and my period was never late. I dont want to alarm you, I just think that you shoudl go just incase. If not you should be taking pre-cautions...just incase you are. If you are not that worried wait and see if you get it.


Marie - September 12

Can you have a period and still be pregnant?



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