Can It Be Implantation Bleeding

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A.v. - November 17

Hi I've been reading about implantation bleeding and I was wondering if I could be having it cause I started bleeding today and since this morning I only have a little on my pad like s streak sorry TMI but it's the only way I can explain the only reason is that I've been feeling very different this month, fatigue, excessive saliva, very gassy unusually so, bloated feeling for the past two weeks, my alst period was on Oct 23. and that means I'm about 6 days early and my husband and I did have unprotected s_x on my fertile days Nov 2,5,6 and a couple of times after but I'm very confused. Any imput would help.


A.V. - November 17



Leah - November 18

Hi A.v. It's very possible, you may just have to play the waiting game, but many women take tests before their period. Early response you can take 5 days before your period, you may want to give it a shot!! Good Luck


A.V. - November 18

Thank you I was getting the feeling that no one could help me, well I ordered some test from you know the ones that are very sensitive, so I am waiting for them to arrive in the mail, I hate having to wait, it's so frustrating because you don't know wheather to pa__s it off as a period or to wonder if there is a possibillity because I feel like something is different. But thank you for your response, fingers crossedxxxx


Leah - November 18

HMMM? I may have to try those. My husband and I are really hitting it hard this month so by Dec. 14th when I should start my period I'll be very curious. Are those EPT or different tests than what you would buy in the store? Thanks


A.V. - November 18

Leah, on this site when you click on the pregnancy test link a site pops up and its called early pregnancy tests, they have mid stream test like the hpt's at the store put these are more sensitive, the read at about 20mi/ml and the early response read at 40, first response at 100 I believe, so I'm waiting to get mine soon it says on there that you can get results at 6-8 days after conception. So here's hoping.


A.V - November 18

sorry I meant e.p.t. reads at 40.



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