Can Oral Sex Get You Pregnant

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candee - November 19

i am 14 and gave my boy a bj, i swallowed and now i am afred i might be pregnant..can that happen, thanks, i am scared


Beth - November 19

No, you cannot. If you don't even know that much about s_x ed., you shouldn't be playing with anything!


shelby - November 19

No you can not. You need to ask one of your parents or someone older than you who you trust exactly how babies are made. You cant just be goin around giving out bj's if you dont know about this stuff. . . there are ALOT of diseases involved that are pretty gross which will stick around for life. Get some help from someon you trust ok? Please


to Candee - November 19

You are wayyy to young to be doing any of that kind of stuff. You can't get pregnant from giving a bj but you can get Hiv, or lots of other diseases. You can however get pregnant if any kind of prec_m or ejaculation gets near your v____a. Even if just on the outside. You can get pregnant if he has some on his hand or fingers and then touches you down there or even sometimes if he gets some on your underwear before it dries up. Sperm do not die once they reach air, they die when they dry up. If you were to have unprotected s_x, you can get pregnant any time of the month but are most likely to if its about 1 1/2 wks after your period. You can be pregnant if you have s_x for 3 hrs. or 3 minutes, it doesn't matter. and it doesn't matter if he goes in you or not you can still become pregnant. Sorry if this message is so long but have seeing alot of questions from young people and these were it. And thought you may want to know since you don't seem to know much about s_x. Want some advice? Wait till you're older to do these things. And if you feel you HAVE to have s_x, use a condom EVERY SINGLE TIME. IT's no fun to screw around and then have to worry about being pregnant or getting sick for a month or more afterwards.


candee - November 19

gee, thanks, you all are so nice. he talked me into it. i really didn't want to but i was afraid he wouldn't like me anymore. he really enjoyed it though. i never heard a boy moan like that. he wants another one tonight but i might tell him no. i know he really liked it though. thanks.


Maggie - November 19

No candee you cannot get pregnant through oral s_x, but you can contract an STD. I don't mean to scare you more but s_x of any kind is a very adult thing to do, so I'm giving you a very adult answer. I hope your fear in this situation will make you realize that you are far too young and inexperienced to be taking part in this kind of activity. I hope you are not having oral s_x to fit in with your peers, or make this boy like you more. Sometimes the coolest thing you can do is your own thing, not what everyone is doing. I'm a nurse and I've only been for a few months now, and I can't tell you the number of teen girls I've seen come to my ER with an STD, and they've never had intercourse. Please don't ruin your life because you wanted to please your boyfriend, its just not worth it. You can't be cured of diseases like AIDS, Herpes, and HPV (human papilomma virus, causes cervical cancer and genital warts.) The STDs that you can cure are no picnic either. The treatments can be very painful, and the antibiotics will make you very sick to your stomach, and give you horrible yeast infections. This is all not to mention that at 14 years old you would need a parent to consent to your treatment. I'm giving you this info as straight up as I can. Pregnancy is a worry for someone your age, but its not life threatening. STDs can not only threaten your life, but ruin any hope of you have of children in the future. Be smart, tell your boyfriend to take care of his own s_xual needs. You take care of your body.


shelby - November 19

how old is your bf? How long have you two been dating


candee - November 19

he is 18 and we have been dating for 2 weeks.


shelby - November 19

he can go to jail for this you need to get away from him. all he wants is to get into your pants. Get away now. I know its hard but please please do it!!!


candee - November 19

he did try to undo my zipper but i was scared


candee - November 19

actually he won't be 18 until Feb


shelby - November 19

you need to tell ur parents and get away from him. I was dating a guy for almost a year that all he wanted was s_x. This guy is goin to force u to do something u will regret for the rest of your life. God gave you your virginity to give to someone special if not your husband. you are way to young to be w. him and if he tries nething else u need to call the police. Break up w. him now before u get rapped or do something you will regret


Jasmine - November 20

I've known girls who went around giving bj's like it was ice cream and they didn't know all the diseases they could get. Any kind of s_x is not a game. Give yourself time to grow up and learn more about yourself, than other people. And for future reference, if ever a guy will not like you for Not doing what he wants then that is not love and they obviously have no respect for you.


emma - November 20

Why would you want to please a guy that really does not like you? If he makes you do something that you don't want to do and/or can't take no for an answer, he doesn't care about you. I PROMISE he doesn't if he is like that! He's using you for his own pleasure. Get away from him quick for your own sake! Please.


candee - November 20

thank you so much for your help. i told him to get lost and i am going to just be a kid again. thanks again.


### - November 20

Right!! I know girls like you, My best friend use to be one. You should really look at what your life is about to be like.



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