Can Ovulation Occur During Time Of Period Due NEED ADVICE

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liladams - July 7

I am now 14 days late and during the first day of my missed period I had clear jelly like discharge that looked like it does during ovulation. So now 2 weeks later I have a white thicker discharge like you get before your period or if your pregnant. Well Ive had some pregnancy symptoms so Ive been thinking I was pregnant but the more and more I think about it It sounds like I just got pregnant. I took a pregnancy test today and it came back positive and very faint. An hour later the positive wasnt there. Is this possible. I would like to hear some opinions on this and advice. MY husbancy and I had a miscarriage in march and been trying for a few months so we are praying for it. thanks for listening . Ill take any advice and info I can get right now! Leanna


sarahd - July 7

Hi Leanna, I'm a bit confused - do you mean you looked at the same test an hour later and the line wasn't there, or you took another test? If it was the same first test, the reading isn't reliable after the time limit (about 10 min or so). If you got a faint positive during that time limit then you ARE pregnant. I don't really have much advice to give you on when you got pregnant, I would advise you to get a blood test done to measure your hcg levels so the doctor could give you a better estimate. Congratulations!!!!


liladams - July 7

it was positive after 3 min and then an hour later the positive line dissapeared or I could hardly see it anymore. Thanks for advice I have my doctors appt on thursday I have been praying the the lord for a period or pregnant. I dont want to deal with any more cysts! Ive had so many problems in the past with them. thank you so much.


mrose - July 8

hey sounds like you are pregnant to me. I would get another test, maybe the clear blue digital ones that say pregnant or not pregnant? that way you'll know for sure. Goodluck!



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