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Alyssa M. - November 7

I'm 16...In July I was on my period had s_x without a condom for part of the time after that my period stopped but it shouldn’t of it was shorter than normal...In August I was 2 weeks late and my br___t were tender I took a pregnancy test and it was negative so I waited and took another was still negative my friend that had a baby in june told me hers were all negative for a while so I waited then went to the local Health Dept. took a test it was negative again the Dr. told me to come back in 2 weeks if I didnt have my period because she said I may not be pregnant But I may be (I guess she wanted to make sure) Well it has been about 4 to 5 weeks since then & I haven’t had my period nor did I go back to the Health Dept. The beginning of August till about the middle or end of Sept. I was constantly nauseated. Also from July to Sept. I gained 7lbs. I don’t know if I have gained anymore since then I haven’t been on a scale. I have had some pretty bad headaches within the last month, I’ve also had gas, the whole fluttery feeling, my belly hasn’t gotten big but I have noticed it’s a little bit bigger and its also firmer feeling but not real firm, I’ve had some cravings for things, some night sweats or I just get hot flashes, I’ve had a heavier clear/whitish va___al discharge. I haven’t had any morning sickness really the only time I threw up or felt nausea was In August through the middle of September. And the br___t tenderness went away in August. Wow that was long…but yea I don’t know maybe I’m crazy and think I am or what… can someone help me? Or let me know what it sounds like please…thanks~


staci - November 7

alyssa you really need to take another pg test! you have to many symptoms and not having your period for that long is a's possible it could be something else, but you need to see someone to make sure..good luck!



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